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November 24-30 2021 Scoreboard

2020 PFN Player Preview: Weston Pick, Montgomery @MrBozella @wp_xxiv

Written by: on Saturday, June 20th, 2020



Name: Weston Pick
Montgomery Area High School
Height: 6’ 0.5” Weight: 208
Twitter: @wp_xxiv wpick11


Brother Logan Pick

College Major:


Do you play other sports?

If so, please list: Basketball, Powerlifting, and Track

Favorite subject in school:


Team Goals for the 2020 season:

1A District 4 and NTL Champions

Personal Goals for 2020:

100+ tackles, first college interest

How has football helped you in the game of life?

Football has taught me that hard work and perseverance can help you get through almost any obstacle life will present.

My biggest role model and why:

My mother, because I watched her overcome cancer will keeping a positive mindset and crushing personal goals the entire time.

Words of wisdom/advice for kids in the youth program:

Football is a special thing in life, a game that we are blessed to have the opportunity to play, don’t take that for granted, time flies. Work hard and have fun.

Favorite athlete and why:

Kyle Juszczyk, he is one of the last great fullbacks and he makes a great example of the unsung heroes on a team.

Favorite entertainer:

Eazy E

Favorite Meal:

Elk Steak

Favorite dessert:

Apple pie

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