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December 1-7 2021 Scoreboard
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BEA Topples Troy 20-0 (Gallery) @TroyASD @Masonimbt50 @EliCrane10 @CoachJNagle

Written by: on Sunday, August 29th, 2021


In the first drive Bald Eagle made things look easy. From that point on, the Troy defense did everything they could to make life difficult for the Eagles. The Troy defense held strong the rest of the night, but the Troy offense couldn’t get on track and Bald Eagle handed the Trojans a 20-0 loss to begin the season.

“This wasn’t an NTL team,” Troy coach Jim Smith said. “We have been blessed with a schedule like no other team in the league, but what doesn’t kill you makes you better. We are just going to keep trying to get better every week and focus on the NTL next week with a pretty good Athens team that is coming off a pretty confident win.”

On the opening drive Bald Eagle came right out and hit back-to-back passes and then quarterback Garrett Burns used his legs to give the Eagles the early lead, racing down the left side for a 25-yard score just 1:58 into the game. Kaden Burns made the extra point and Bald Eagle quickly led 7-0.

Troy was able to move the ball, but they just couldn’t finish drives against the Eagles.

“We moved the ball well, unless we were penalized or had people go the wrong way,” Smith said. “A lot of the things that happen in week one games, it’s not that surprising. We have a young team, whole new secondary, linebacker crew and these kids are just getting their feet wet. A lot of them are spending more time thinking than they are playing and it’s hard to really play fast when you are trying to figure out what you are trying to do, and that will get better.

On their opening drive Damien Landon had three carries for 19 yards and Clayton Smith had three carries for eight yards as the Trojans moved into Bald Eagle territory, but the drive ended as they came up less than a yard short on fourth down.

Bald Eagle quickly moved back into Troy territory on their next drive as a 19-yard pass from Carson Nagle to Owen Irvin had the Eagles sitting at the Troy 36 yard line. Bald Eagle used two quarterbacks in the backfield most of the game. Burns threw the ball on the first drive and the final two drives of the game, while Nagle was making the passes on the other drives.

The Bald Eagle drive came to an end as Troy forced two incompletions to help end the threat.

Neither team got much going until midway through the second quarter, when Bald Eagle started to move the ball.

Nagle completed five of six passes as he helped march the Eagles from their own 35 to the Trojans 15 yard line.

Bald Eagle appeared to have a touchdown as Nagle hit Irvin from 15 yards out. After a holding penalty wiped out the score, the Eagles wasted no time scoring again as Nagle quickly hit Camron Watkins on a 24-yard touchdown with 4:21 left in the half. The kick failed and the Eagles led 13-0 late in the first half.

Troy’s final drive of the half was their best, as they took over at their own 26 yard line and moved deep into Bald Eagle territory.

Landon had back-to-back carries for 11 yards and quarterback Justice Chimics hit Jeff Roy on an 18-yadr pass to move into Bald Eagle territory. A 15-yard penalty on Bald Eagle helped Troy move inside the red zone, but the half ended as Chase Thompson got an interception for Bald Eagle to halt the drive.

In the second half Bald Eagle quickly started moving the ball again as Nagle completed back-to-back plays and Troy was hit with a 15-yard penalty. After a false start pushed the Eagles back, they appeared to have a touchdown pass from Nagle to Irwin, but for the second time in the game the pair had a touchdown called back due to holding. This time they couldn’t bounce back and Troy took over.

Troy quickly got to work on their next drive. Chimics had a pair of Chimics to Roy passes for 17 yards and Chimics had a 27-yard run to get Troy to the 17 yard line. After two runs for no gain and an incompletion, Troy faced a 4th and 10. Chimics scrambled as the pressure came, and got nine of the 10 yards, leaving the Trojans less than a yard short of a first down inside the Eagles 10.



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