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Caleb Leone is the Player of the Year

Written by: on Saturday, November 24th, 2018


Every year will name a player of the year in each classification. Every year except 2018. This year we will only name one player across the board, all classes. His name is Caleb Leone, and he’s a member of the Jersey Shore Bulldogs.

And I can guarantee nobody has worked as hard as he, and his family, this season. Back in early August Caleb was injured on what seemed a normal football play. Caleb never go off the ground, and spent nearly the next 2 months in a coma. With his family, Mom Danielle, Dad Jake and sister Aubree at his side, as well as thousands of friends, relatives, fans and people they don’t even know, Caleb has battled an opponent that is stronger than many will ever face in their lives, and he’s winning. He started coming out of his coma in late September, has started therapy, and recently had an operation to replace the portion of his skull that was removed to help alleviate the pressure of brain swelling.

I stopped in at the Penn State Health Rehabilitation Hospital Friday to visit Caleb and his family on Friday to award him the Player of the Year. They all had high spirits and remain strong and hopeful for a full recovery, but it’s going to be a long process for them. His sister, Aubree, has been especially supportive. Throughout the Bulldog season she’s stepped in and pridefully accepted awards for him.

It was a wonderful, though not long enough, visit with Caleb and his family. High fives from Caleb. The smile on his face. Just hearing him say “hi” to me was enough to know that he and his family are “putting in that work” but nobody has to work as hard as he. Before I left we shared a prayer and as I sat in my truck before pulling away I reflected on my visit and thought “man, what a wonderful visit”. Because of the work Caleb has put in, we at feel his IS the Player of the Year! Congrats Caleb!!!

Caleb putting in that work!

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