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Northern Tier League Small School Division All-Star Teams Released

Written by: on Tuesday, December 17th, 2019


The Northern Tier League announced their 2019-20 Small School Division Football All-Star teams on Tuesday, December 17.

Coach of the Year: Sean Tetreault, Muncy

Players of the Year: Christian Good, Muncy; Isaiah Firestine, Sayre

Offensive Player of the Year: Ethan Gush, Muncy

Defensive Player of the Year: Bailey Hadzinikolov, Muncy

Lineman of the Year: Dakota Haueisen, Muncy

First Team Selections


Quarterback – Branson Eyer, Muncy

Running Back – Ethan Gush, Muncy; Isaiah Firestine, Sayre

Wide Receiver – Steven Prince, Montgomery; Ross Eyer, Muncy; Ethan Miller, Sayre

Tight End – Owen Reichner, CMVT

Offensive Line – Paul Risley, Bucktail; Alex Hans, Montgomery; Dakota Haueisen, Muncy; Cael Hembury, Muncy; Jordan Goodrich, Sayre

Kicker – Gabe McNear, Montgomery


Defensive Tackles – Gage Mebane, Montgomery; Dakota Haueisen, Muncy

Defensive Ends – Paul Risley, Bucktail; Cael Hembury, Muncy

Linebackers – Devon Deem, Montgomery; Ethan Gush, Muncy; Bailey Hadzinikolov, Muncy; Isaiah Firestine, Sayre

Defensive Backs – Caleb Dawson, CMVT; Steven Prince, Montgomery; Christian Good, Muncy; Zach Watkins, Sayre

Punter – Gage Wertz, Muncy

Second Team Selections


Quarterback – Brayden Horton, Sayre

Running Back – Gage Sutliff, Bucktail; Mekhi Mundrick, CMVT

Wide Receiver – Liam Dwyer, Bucktail; Christian Good, Muncy; Corbin Brown, Sayre

Tight End – Nathan Palmatier, Muncy

Offensive Line РThayden Miller, Montgomery; Bradley Leon, Montgomery; Gage Mebane, Montgomery; Mason Hillman, Muncy; Isaac Harris, Montgomery

Kicker – Isaac Boring, Muncy


Defensive Tackles – Ashton Intallura, Bucktail; Mason Hillman, Muncy

Defensive Ends – Xander Brown, Muncy; Donovan Wynn, Sayre

Linebackers – Gage Sutliff, Bucktail; Zach Pick, Bucktail; Kade Showers, Montgomery; Pat Casterline, Sayre

Defensive Backs – Dylan Cross, Bucktail; Kaide Drick, Montgomery; Branson Eyer, Muncy; Chase Crawley, Muncy

Punter – Steven Prince, Montgomery

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