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Bellefonte residents win battle to keep the Red Raider name and imagery

Written by: on Wednesday, January 12th, 2022


Back in April, the Bellefonte school board voted 8-1 to remove Native American imagery throughout the district and 6-3 to remove the word “red” from the district moniker. Due to the efforts of a grass roots movement, led by the more than 3,000 members of the facebook page “Keep the Bellefonte Logo“, the Bellefonte school board went through a major change as the candidates from the “Win 4 Bellefonte” group Jeff Steiner, Andrea Royer, Jack Bechdel II and Jon Guizar swept the school board Race in the election in November.

Last night that “newly remodeled” Bellefonte school board voted to rescind two motions approved in April 2021 related to the district’s controversial nickname and use of Native American imagery.

Residents in favor of keeping the name and imagery were concerned about the potential $100,000 cost to rebrand. They also argued that they are honoring the local tribes that inhabited the area years ago.



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