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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard
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Penns Valley special teams embrace the rain, lead Rams to 45-14 win over Glendale.

Written by: on Saturday, October 30th, 2021


Penns Valley special teams recovered three fumbled kicks and blocked this punt. (pic Jason Confer)

Penns Valley takes it to the house, in a 45-14 win over Glendale. 

Written by Rodney Brungart

Penns Valley had to move their final home game to Bald Eagle Area High School  due to poor field conditions at Penns Valley. On this rainy night, the Penns Valley special teams came up big forcing 3 consecutive fumbles by visiting Glendale. Those 3 fumble recoveries would put 21 points on the board for the Rams. Penns Valley won the opening coin toss, electing to receive the ball. Starting their first series on their own 27 yard line, a 22 yard pass got this drive moving. Mixing the passing and running game, Penns Valley’s Tanner Ilegen took the ball in from 2 yards out for a Penns Valley touchdown. Extra point by Ty Watson was no good, with 7:54 left in the 1st quarter, it was Penns Valley 6 Glendale 0.

On the kickoff, Glendale’s Dylan Pennington fumbled the ball and was recovered by Penns Valley’s Ty Watson on the Glendale 34 yard line. It only took one play on this drive, with a 34 yard pass play from Jackson Romig to Zach Braucht, extra point was good, with 7:41 left in the 1st quarter, Penns Valley 14 Glendale 0.

During the next Penns Valley kick, Glendale’s Connor Potutsching coudn’t handle the wet ball and fumbled with the ball being recovered by the Ram’s Hunter Lyns on the Glendale 35 yard line. The rain was a big factor in this opening quarter, with Penns Valley monopolizing on the fumbles. A few plays later, Penns Valley’s Jackson Romig would find Miles Brooks wide open on a 7 yard touchdown pass. Extra point by Ty Watson was good, with 4:27 left in the 1st quarter, Penns Valley led 20-0.

Once again the kick ended in a turnover. Glendale Viking’s Logan Cree couldn’t handle the wet ball, and Penns Valley’s Caleb Confer recovered on the Glendale 46 yard line. Penns Valley’s special teams played an outstanding game recovering 3 Glendale fumbles, all resulting in scores for the Rams. Penns Valley moved the ball down the field once again, with Ty Watson scoring from 2 yards out. Extra point was good with 42 seconds left in the 1st quarter, Penns Valley extended their lead to 27-0.

Following a Glendale punt, the Rams experienced a turnover of there own.  The Rams fumbled the ball away at the 41 yard line. Glendale would go 3 and out once again, giving the ball back to the Rams. Penns Valley didn’t stop there, with Ty Watson taking the handoff in the backfield and racing 42 yards for a Penns Valley touchdown. Extra point was no good, with 9:04 left in the 2nd quarter, Penns Valley now led33-0.

This picture by Jason exemplified the conditions of the night

Glendale couldn’t get anything started on their next series against the tough defense of the Rams. Going 3 and out, Penns Valley would take the ball on their own 49 yard line. Two plays later Jackson Romig found Miles Brooks wide open again for a 36 yard Rams touchdown. The extra point by Ty Watson was wide right, with 4:01 remaining in the 1st half, Penns Valley 39 Glendale 0.

Both teams would go 3 and out on their next series, with Glendale running out the clock to end the half. The rain was just relentless in this game. Playing on the Bald Eagle Area astro turf wasn’t a factor, but ball handling was indeed. Glendale would receive the ball to start the 2nd half, going 3 and out, and the kick was blocked with Penns Valley’s Scott Hess recovering on the Glendale 15 yard line. Glendale’s defense finally got a stop, forcing the Rams to turn the ball over on downs at the 12 yard line.

Glendale finally got their wheels turning on this series, driving the ball down the field, with Logan Cree scoring on a 12 yard run. Extra point was good by Eathan Cavalet, with 6:28 left in the 4th quarter it was Penns Valley 39 Glendale 7.

Penns Valley wasn’t done yet for the night, with the Rams Micah Good taking the handoff in the backfield and racing 69 yards for the Rams touchdown. Extra point was blocked, with 4:17 left in the 4th quarter, Penns Valley led 45 to 7. Glendale would not settle for 7 points, moving the ball down the field, with Troy Misiura finding a wide open Gage Wright on a 31 yard pass p;ay for a Viking’s touchdown. The extra point by Eathan Cavalet was good, with 1:25 remaining in the game, it was the Rams 45 and the Viking’s 14.

Penns Valley would run out the clock to end this game. Both teams will have a playoff berth, but waiting on other scores of the night to see where they might be seeded. A big thank you to the Bald Eagle Athletic Department foe allowing the Penns Valley Rams the use of their field for tonight’s game.

Big Thanks to Jason Confer for the pics! Great stuff, more pics HERE

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