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Written by: on Saturday, June 13th, 2020


Name: Cole Spencer
High School: Pine-Richland High School
Class of: 2021
Height: 5’10
Weight: 175
Position: QB
Twitter: @Cole_Spencer4



1 Brother and 1 Sister

College Major:

Business (not sure specifically yet).

Do you play other sports? If so please list:


Favorite subject in school:


Any team goals for the upcoming 2020 football season?

WPIAL and State Championship

If you are goal-oriented, your personal goals for the season:

Throw for 4,000 and run for 1,000 yards would be cool but ultimately win a WPIAL and State championship.

How has football helped you in the game of life:

Football has definitely showed me what being apart of a team means and how teamwork will get you a lot farther in life than trying to do everything on your own. You will learn from your team which will make everyone better.

Your biggest role model and why:

My biggest role models have to be my parents and they both have different roles in my life. My mom is always showing me how to be happy and kind to everyone and to not stress over the little things in life where as my dad is always driving me to be the best person, student, and athlete I can be.

Words of wisdom/advice for the kids in the youth or midget program:

If things aren’t going well for you at a young age don’t quit. Keep pushing and keep going to practice and keep doing the little things to pass your opponents. Trust me, the little things are what will make you successful.

Favorite athlete(s) and why: 

Russel Wilson because he has shown that you can be a top notch QB in the NFL and not be over 6 foot. Ed Ruth for wrestling since he was so good in college and I love his wrestling style. He was so slick and smooth and I loved that.

Favorite entertainer (musician, band, actor, actress, etc.): 

Kevin Hart, dude is hilarious.

Favorite meal: 

Steak and noodles

Favorite dessert:

Ice cream and brownies

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