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2020 Player Profile: Nathan Cumer McGuffey @NathanCumer @McguffeyFB

Written by: on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020


Nathan Cumer

Twitter:  @NathanCumer

School: McGuffey

Year: 2021

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 275

1- How long have you been playing football?
I have played football for 9 years.

2- What other sports do you play?
I also wrestle and do track and field.

3-What has been you favorite moment on the field?
my favorite moment on the field is beating Avonworth at home my sophomore year.

4-The team you like beating the most?
I like beating Washington as they are our across town rival and in the past 4 games we have split the series, including 2 middle school games, a JV game and one varsity game.

5-Who is your favorite athlete?
my favorite athlete is Aaron Donald.

6-Besides your home field, where do you like playing the most?
Other than at home, I like to play at Washington.

7-Favorite Class?
My favorite class is gym because I like to move around and to not be stuck at a desk all period.

8-Do you plan on going to college and playing football?
Yes I plan on playing football in college.

9-What are your team and personal goals for the season?
My personal goals are to win the wpial, be the best lineman in my conference and win the Bill Fralic award. Our team goals are to beat Washington, win the conference, win the wpial and keep winning.

10- What is your favorite play to run?
My favorite play to run is dive as it puts our line against our opponents to see who is stronger and who has more will to fight.

11-Do you prefer offense or defense?
I prefer offense.

12-What is your favorite thing to do off of the field?
I enjoy hanging out with my friends and doing stuff outside.

13-What is your favorite TV show.
My current favorite TV show is Lucifer.

14-What type of music do you listen to?
I listen to country mostly but rap before games and at practice.

15- What is you go to pregame meal?
Before games I like to eat pasta.

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