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2020 Team Preview: The West Greene Pioneers @wgpioneers @PaBackyard @Coach55Hanson

Written by: on Tuesday, July 28th, 2020


West Greene Pioneers

Head Coach Brian Hanson

Brian Jackson
Beau Jackson
Doug Victor
RG Miller
Luke Kiger
Lynn Wise
John Lampe

2019 Season Record  10-2

2020 Schedule





08-22 Fort Cherry  vs. Fort Cherry (SCR) 10:00 am
08-28 Cameron (WV)  @ Cameron (WV) (0-0) 7:00 pm
09-04 Burgettstown  @ Burgettstown (0-0) 7:00 pm
09-11 Bethlehem-Center  vs. Bethlehem-Center (0-0) 7:00 pm
09-18 California  @ California (0-0) * 7:00 pm
09-25 Avella  vs. Avella (0-0) * 7:00 pm
10-02 Carmichaels  @ Carmichaels (0-0) * 7:00 pm
10-09 Bentworth  @ Bentworth (0-0) * 7:00 pm
10-16 Monessen  vs. Monessen (0-0) * 7:00 pm
10-23 Jefferson-Morgan  @ Jefferson-Morgan (0-0) * 7:00 pm
10-30 Mapletown  vs. Mapletown (0-0) * 7:00 pm

* – denotes league game
(SCR) – denotes scrimmage

Key Starters Lost
Ben Jackson
Kolin Walker
Andrew Litton
Brock Bedilion
Gavin Scott

Offensive Starters Returning
Jr. RB Corey Wise, 5’11 215
Jr. WR/QB Nathan Orndoff, 6’2 170
Jr OT Owen Hughes, 6’3 265
Jr OT Casey Miller, 6’3 253
Jr OG Tristan White, 6’2 285

Defensive Starters Returning
(Jr. LB Corey Wise, 5’11 215
Jr DB Wes Whipkey, 6’1 195
Jr DB Hunter Hamilton, 5’8 158
Jr. DB Nathan Orndoff, 6’2 170
Jr. DT Tristan White, 6’2 285
Jr. DL Casey Miller 6’3 253)

Special Team Starters Returning
Soph. Kicker Kevin Thompson, 5’8 135

Key Newcomers
Sr. OL/DL Ronnie Howard, 5’11 255
Jr. OL/LB Dayton Haywood, 6’3 270
FR. QB/DB Colin Brady, 6’1 175
Sr. TE/LB Hayden Ross, 5’9 175
Jr. RB/DB, Dalton Lucey, 5’9 150
Jr. RB/DB, Bryce Anderson, 5’9 160
Jr. OL/LB, Josiah Tagaro, 5’9 195

What does your offense need to improve on from last year?
We are replacing a dominant backfield in Ben Jackson and Kolin Walker. The 2020 team has to write their own chapter. It’s their time. Corey Wise has the ability to be as good of a RB you’ll see in 2020. Our OL has 3 returning starters and must continue to improve. We have very good size with that group. They were young last year but played a ton of football. We need a QB to emerge because we are going to throw the ball. There will be a 3 man race between Wes Whipkey, Nathan Orndoff, and Colin Brady. Orndoff started the last 5 games of the season at QB. He’s a good athlete who can make plays. Whipkey has grown by 2 inches and gained 15lbs of muscle since last year. Brady is a freshman but a dynamic athlete who needs reps. All 3 of these QB’s have the ability to play receiver at a high level. This battle will be determined when we conclude camp.
We need to replace Ben Jackson and Kolin Walker at RB. Both were all-state players. We need to focus on improving our offensive line which was very young last year. They did a nice job blocking for 4,500 rushing yards and 65 rushing TD’s. These guys are critical for our success in 2020. Junior Nathan Orndoff and Freshman Colin Brady will battle at QB. Nathan started 5 games last year as a sophomore after missing his freshman year. He is a good athlete who needs to take the next step in leadership and development. Colin Brady is a talented athlete who led the junior high team to an undefeated record. Both of these athletes can play QB or WR and have breakaway speed. Corey Wise will be starting at RB and we will lean heavily on his ability to break tackles to create big plays in the running game. Offensively, we have the talent to be very good. We need to get tougher both physically and mentally and we must cut down on turnovers.

What does your defense need to improve on from last year
We replace 3 out of our 4 starters at linebacker. This group dominated games last year. We need new faces to step up and produce. Corey Wise has been a 2x all conference LB. We need him to take over games. Our DL replaces 3 starters. We need someone to fill Brock Bedilion’s leadership. Look for Ronnie Howard to make an impact here. Our secondary really began to take strides at the end of last year. We need these guys to cause turnovers and hold down the back end.
Overall, we need to create an identity on defense. We lose the core of our front 7. We lose a tremendous linebacker group and a dominant NT in Brock Bedilion. We will have new starters at 3 of the 4 LB positions. We will be more experienced in the secondary. We had 4 new starters in the secondary for a good portion of the season in 2019. These guys improved dramatically as the season wore on. I expect them to take the next step and have a good year in 2020. A few players to keep a close eye on are Corey Wise (LB), Wyatt Hoag (LB), and Wes Whipkey (DB). Corey Wise has the ability to be the best LB in 1A. Wyatt Hoag (LB) backed up some great LB’s last year but he’s a high energy player who is very tough. Wes Whipkey started at CB for us last year but might be moving to safety. He has good size and made some big plays in the playoffs last year.

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