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November 30-December 6 2022 Scoreboard
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2021 PFN Player Profile: Ian Syam, Avonworth @IanSyam1 @AvonworthFB

Written by: on Tuesday, June 29th, 2021


Ian Syam @IanSyam1
Class ‘22
Height – 5’7 Weight – 170
Offensive stats: 892 yds, 145 carries, 10tds.
Defensive stats: 21 tackles, 1 int, 1 ff.

How long have you been playing football?

I have been playing football since I was 6 years old.

How crazy will it be to see the fans full, the band playing at the games this fall after the season everyone went through last year?

I cannot wait to see the stadiums with max capacity. I missed it so much last year because of how I was so used to them being packed, due to how my sophomore year we had such success as a team the games were always packed.

What one rule in high school football would you change and why?

If I had the ability to change one rule it would be the cut blocking rule so, I could have a better chance with bigger backers that blitz.

Which side of the ball do you prefer to play?

I prefer to play offense, but I see myself as a DB at the next level more than I do as an RB.

What one life lesson has playing sports taught you?

The most important life lesson that I have been taught through sports is no matter how hard you get hit you always gotta get up and keep going

Who is the one team you never want to lose a game to?

I never want to lose to sto-rox ever again. It was my only game I was held under 100 yds last year and I feel I should have made a bigger difference in the game than I did.

What is your fondest football memory?

My fondest football memory is winning a WPIAL championship with my older brother my sophomore year. It was the only game during our state-run that I cried after.

What is the best advice a coach has ever given to you?

The best advice a coach has ever given me was to shut out the noise and just be myself and always let the game come to me.

What is your favorite current TV show?

My current favorite tv show is invincible on prime video. I just finished the only season last weekend.

Who is your favorite all-time athlete?

My all-time favorite athlete is Deion Sanders. The way he could talk to the talk and walk the walk really had me interested in him from a young age. Also, because of how flashy he was and hearing about him from my dad growing up.



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