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November 30-December 6 2022 Scoreboard
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2021 PFN Player Profile: Jewlius Barnes – Armstrong @BarnesJewlius @AHSRIVERHAWKS

Written by: on Sunday, July 4th, 2021


Jewlius Barnes



5’11” 245lbs

Class of 2022


In watching your hudl highlights what stuck out when you were on the defensive line was the way you can get off of multiple blockers and still find the ball carrier. How much of this comes from natural ability and how much comes from coaching and film study?

A lot comes from natural ability and a lot comes from watching the film and just working hard.

At 5-11 245, you seem to have enough power to make for a bad time against guys you are facing and you seem to be able to out quick most of them too. Which ability do you rely on the most?

I rely on getting a quick start but I try to practice my hand moves a much as possible.

Which side of the ball do you like playing more and why?

I love playing defense more because I get to be way more aggressive to go through my opponents.

Which teammate has helped you out the most as far as football goes?

I’m not really sure about the teammate that helped me out the most because ALL the guys I play with are a key factor in helping me perform better.

What have you been able to do during the offseason to help take your game to another level?

I’ve been working on hand speed and lifting with my teammates to get stronger.

Which is more satisfying making the big block to send the running back into the end zone or sacking the quarterback?

I think it’s more satisfying to punch it into the end zone to get the crowd and team going crazy

What are your personal goals along with the goals you have set for the team?

My personal goal is to play as hard as I can and hope for a scholarship to go to the next level and my goal for the team is to go to playoffs and to play to our best ability and win a state championship.

After your senior season is it important to be able to play in any of the all-star games?

I think it would be important to play in any of the bowl games because you’d have more opportunities to prove yourself

What is your go-to premeal?

For my pregame meal, I love to eat fruits or a protein bar.

Favorite place to eat out at?

My favorite place to eat out is probably the Olive Garden


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