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November 30-December 6 2022 Scoreboard
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2022 PFN Player Spotlight: Tiqwai Hayes – Aliquippa

Written by: on Wednesday, August 17th, 2022


Tiqwai Hayes 

Aliquippa High School 

Class of 2025 

Running back 

Ht: 5’11 Wt: 194 

Awards: Freshman all-American, All-State, All-Conference, 4a player of the year. 

Other sports: Basketball and baseball

Why do you play football? 

I play football because it’s an escape and so I can make millions one day.

What has been your best memory? 

My best memory was winning states.

Who is your biggest fan and why? 

My mom because she loves seeing me do good things In life.

Who is your biggest role model? 

I have a couple of role models because I see them and how good they do things with their children and other people and other kids.

What is your desired major in college? 

I want my major to be exercise and science in college,

In your opinion, where is the toughest place to play? 

We really didn’t have a tough to play this year but if we had to play there, McKeesport would be the toughest place.

What is your personal goal for this year? 

The goal is to win states again and do better than last year.

Is a hot dog a sandwich? 

I don’t know what a hotdog is.

Sport you’d love to play but can’t? 

I would love to play hockey but I don’t know how to skate.

Most embarrassing sports moment?

The most embarrassing sports moment has to be when we were playing Ambridge and me and the dude really didn’t hit each other hard but I got Pancaked.

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