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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

Explosive performance from Fine lifts his team over the struggling Bulldogs-@Frazier_Fbll @TeamBCDawg @peyton_w_t

Written by: on Saturday, October 17th, 2020


During the pregame, Beth-Center head coach Joe Kuhns talked about how his team has prepared for tonight.

“I think the key to this is obviously stopping number two. He’s one heck of an athlete. He’s probably one of the best offensive players in the conference in my opinion.”

That number two has a name and it’s Frazier senior Kenny Fine. He would make his case tonight by finishing with five touchdowns, two interceptions, and just under 200 total yards throughout the game. Fine’s efforts would help Frazier shutout the Bulldogs 39-0.

The Commodores would start the ball game with possession and by the end of their long opening drive, Frazier would show up on the scoreboard. The drive ended with Fine pushing his way up the middle for a one-yard score and for his first of the night. Junior kicker Tristan Scott would make good on the extra point for a seven to nothing game.

The Bulldogs were eager to answer back, but on a fourth and six, Beth-Center quarterback Colby Kuhns was sacked for a loss of 14 and the ball was turned over on downs.

It took the Commodores four plays after the change in possession to score another touchdown. It was run in from the 14-yard line by Kenny Fine yet again. Scott would miss the extra point for a 13-0 game.

Beth-Center would be able to get a first down, but a sack on their second set of fresh sticks put them back and then they couldn’t get anything going.

Frazier would field the ball at their 43-yard line and proceed to have a drive that went way into the second half. The huge drive ended with a Commodore touchdown scored by none other than Kenny Fine off of a one-yard rush. Scott would miss another extra point to put the score at 19-0 with just over four minutes left to play in the half.

The Bulldogs were looking to try and dig themselves out of a hole that they dug for themselves, little did they know they dig deeper as Kuhns was intercepted by Fine for a 79-yard defensive touchdown.

As the final seconds ticked away to signify the end of the half, on the last play, Kuhns was picked off again by Fine. The scoreboard reads 25-0 to Frazier.

Beth-Center did not help themselves as they turned the ball over on downs again to start the half. Frazier took advantage of this blunder and capitalized on it. Junior quarterback Dom Dorcan found Kenny Fine for his fifth touchdown of the night from 13 yards out. Scott’s extra point attempt was blocked so the score was 31-0.

The next two drives for both teams ended with a turnover on downs and that would close out the third quarter of play.

Beth-Center would start the fourth and final quarter of play hungry. They would start at their 19-yard line and work their way up to the Frazier one-yard line. They would get contributions from junior running back Aiden Symcheck and Colby Kuhns. Just when the Bulldogs were looking to finally get noticed on the scoreboard, the worst possible thing happens. A fumble happened. That loose ball would be covered by Frazier senior Ian Baccino.

Bulldogs quarterback Colby Kuhns (#6, white) running to get yards for his team

To the Commodores’ disappointment, they could not take advantage of Baccino’s recovery and the offense went three and out.

Frazier would get the ball back shortly though as senior defensive back Luke Santo scooped up the loose ball and took it to the Bulldog 20-yard line.

It was at this point that Dorcan was subbed out to give sophomore quarterback Adam Phillips a chance. That move would turn out to be the right one as Phillips ran in for a 20-yard score on his first play under center. The two-point conversion was drilled in by freshman Domenic Taranto to make the final score 39-0.

After the game, Fine was informed of coach Kuhns’ comments on him and he said,

“I thank him so much for saying something like that, especially a rival coach. It’s really nice to hear something like that.”

Beth-Center will try and salvage the rest of their season with a home game next week against a tough opponent in McGuffey and Frazier will be placed in a do or die situation for the playoffs as the play the Washington Prexies on the road for their last game of the season.



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