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Greensburg Central Catholic linebacker Zach Dlugos committed to Amherst, we asked him how that decision came about @DlugosZach @GCCHSFootball

Written by: on Monday, August 17th, 2020



Amherst College just got better. With interest from several schools pouring in, GCCC linebacker Zach Dlugos had his pick of roster spots throughout the D3 ranks. But it was the campus of Amherst that won him over. He made his commitment known a few days ago on twitter:

PFN caught up with Zach to ask him about his decision:


PFN: How long have you played football?

Zach: Since 6th grade, so seven years.

PFN: Why did you choose to commit to the Mammoths?

Zach: I knew this place was going to be my next home. The coaches, the program, the academics, and the campus added up to be the place I want to be at for the next four years.

PFN: Why commit early/commit to them?

Zach: They’re an offer I couldn’t refuse and I know I’d regret passing it up.

PFN: Who was your biggest influence at Amherst, who recruited you?

Zach: Coach Eddy Augustin and Coach EJ Mills combined were big factors in the decision.

PFN: What are they getting in player like you?

Zach: They’re getting a leader and someone who won’t stop working, even when we’re the best.

PFN: What was the recruiting process like for you?

Zach: It was a lot of fun and I appreciated every coach who showed interest and offered me. It’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

PFN: How did the Covid 19 pandemic affect your decision?

Zach: The possibility of not having a season definitely helped me to want to take my best and favorite option and run with it, rather than waiting to see if I could get more.

PFN: What position were you recruited for?

Zach: Outside linebacker/strong safety hybrid

PFN: Do you know what you’d like to study?

Zach: Business, economics, or finance.

PFN: What role did your parents play in your decision?

Zach: They were extremely supportive of me no matter where I chose to go and I truly felt that it was my decision.

PFN: What do you think is the most exciting thing about the Amherst program?

Zach: We can be very very very good. I’m very excited for everything the future holds.

PFN: What are you most looking forward to while playing for the Mammoths?

Zach: I want to make a name for myself while I’m there. I’m gonna work hard and have a ton of fun.

PFN: Tell everyone out there in the football world something they’d never know about you until you told them:

Zach: Never have been the biggest fan of baseball. Batting scared me when I first started playing.

PFN: Who is the person who most influenced you in your football career?

Zach: My dad. He’s always told me to play for the love of the game and use it to take me to great places.

PFN: What is it you’d like all your high school teammates and fans to know about your decision that you might have a hard time saying in person?

Zach: I don’t regret my decision at all. It’s my decision and I’m running with it. I’m really excited.

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