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Mike White of Post Gazette finds some parents/coaches feel Kasperowicz was victim of witch hunt

Written by: on Thursday, April 15th, 2021


A group of Pine-Richland High School football coaches say they felt district administrators wanted to see head coach Eric Kasperowicz removed from his job — and that the school athletic director said as much during a September meeting with the staff.

Kasperowicz, who won multiple state and WPIAL championships, was told Wednesday in an email from athletic director Sean Simmons that he will not be retained as coach. All of his assistants also received an email, informing them that they, too, will not be retained.

Kasperowicz and four of his assistants tell of a September 23 meeting with Simmons, where they claim Simmons told them that Pine-Richland’s top administrators wanted Kasperowicz fired.

Assistant coaches Tim Sasson, Ryan Lehmeier, Todd Jochem and Jared Miller all confirmed Simmons’ comments, which came during a meeting on the Pine-Richland Stadium field during a practice. The coaches said the entire staff was present and listened to Simmons say that assistant superintendent Mike Pasquinelli wanted Kasperowicz gone. The coaches said superintendent Brian Miller also wanted Kasperowicz removed.

“Right off the bat, Sean Simmons said, ‘Let me start by saying that, I don’t know why, but Mike Pasquinelli hates Eric and he wants to see him fired,’” Jared Miller said.

“He basically told us that those guys up in administration don’t like Eric and want him fired,” Sasson said.

Added Lehmeier: “[Simmons] said Pasquinelli by name and Pasquinelli is looking for anything to get Eric out. …..


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