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December 1-7 2021 Scoreboard

North Allegheny Scores 36 Unanswered to Top the Big Macs 36-14 (GALLERY) @NickHaus75

Written by: on Saturday, October 16th, 2021


North Allegheny Tigers travelled to face the Canon Mac Big Macs last night for a premier matchup. It was a tough, close, defensively-minded game for most of the contest, before the Tigers pulled away at the end for a comfortable final score of 36-14. 

After exchanging several 3-and-outs in the opening few drives, Canon Mac was able to take advantage of North Allegheny losing a muffed punt. Big Macs QB Mike Evans threw the most impressive pass of the night to WR Chris Davis, who caught the ball deep downfield against tight double coverage to set up a touchdown on the ground by RB Ryan Angott. Not long after, Canon Mac scored their second and final touchdown of the night when WR Anthony Finney caught the ball off a slant route and turned upfield for a 51 yard score. 

Over the course of the next three quarters the Tigers would go on to score 36 unanswered points. They began when WR Dwayne Taylor scorched his defender and caught a wide open 51 yard touchdown pass from QB Logan Kushner. Neither offense was able to get any momentum until the Big Macs’ punter shanked his kick– giving North Allegheny the ball on the Canon Mac 20 yard line. Kushner took advantage several plays later with a rush up the middle for another touchdown. The Tigers successfully made the 2 point conversion and went into halftime leading 15-14. 

There were a few plays which ultimately broke the back of the Big Macs in the 2nd half. In the midst of a constant back-and-forth battle in the trenches, with both defenses putting up dominant performances against the running game, North Allegheny was able to come up with big plays which ultimately won them the game. 

Late in the 3rd quarter WR Khiryn Boyd juked his way to the endzone for a 70 yard passing score. Then after another long, inconclusive span with neither team being able to generate anything sustainable on offense, Tigers RB J.R. Burton broke several tackles in order to get loose for a 50 yard touchdown on the ground. Soon after Big Macs’ Evans fumbled the ball deep in their own territory, which allowed Burton to score one final time and seal the score at 36-14. 

Even though the score was close for most of the game, there was always the feeling that Canon Mac was just holding on. Their excellent rush defense kept

North Allegheny largely bottled up. They were often getting sacks and tackles for loss, and kept the Tigers on their heels and punting often. 

But as good as the Big Mac’s defense was, North Allegheny’s was better. This easily could have been a shutout if things went just a little differently. Canon Mac’s QB was constantly running for his life. Neither their running or passing game developed any steam. First downs were genuinely rare. Ultimately, the Tigers were able to earn themselves a hard fought win by wearing out the opposing defense and taking advantage of their great athletic talent.


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