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Ohio slips by Penn (Gallery)

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| June 24, 2022

Last night at the 43rd annual “Battle at the Border” Penn vs. Ohio game, Ohio’s all-star team came out on top with a score of 35-28. Ohio was coached by Head Coach, Sean Guerriero and Pennsylvania by Head Coach, Brian Cooper. Both teams were stacked with an impressive roster and for some of these players this was an opportunity to have one last game of football under their belt.

Penn won the coin toss, and left Ohio to receive, Ohio’s Beau Brungard (Springfield) pass to Nick Wilson (West Branch) was complete, Wilson ran 8 yards to successfully make the first touchdown of the night with 4:53 left in the first quarter. Penn’s team did not have the best of luck in the first quarter with a few fumbles and incomplete passes the first quarter ends with Penn 0 – Ohio 7.
As Penn works themselves up to the 50-yard line, they get pushed back another 10, leaving them with Ty McGowan (Moon) to punt a 62-yard touchback leaving Ohio with the ball. With 6:06 left in the first half of the game Brungard passes to Nick Wilson again for 22 yards. But, Aiden Lambert’s (Youngstown Christian) extra point kick was no good leaving Penn 0 – Ohio 13 at the end of the 2nd quarter.
At half-time players from both teams were honored with scholarships to help further their education.

Starting the game back up again Ohio’s touchback leaves Penn at their own 20-yard line. Ohio’s Dorian Jackson (Beaver Local) intercepts Penn’s QB Kobe DeRosa’s pass with 11:40 seconds left. Aaron Groner (Springfeild) makes a huge catch from Brungard’s pass taking Ohio the whole way up to Penn’s 9-yard line. With 8:41 left in the third quarter, Brungard passes to Wilson again for his 3rd touchdown of the night. Shortly after Penn’s McGowan, throws to Taite Beachy (Moon) for 52-yards resulting in Penn’s first touchdown of the game. Penn went for a two-point conversion, but it was no good. Again, Penn comes through with the and duo for another touchdown with 2:19 seconds left in the third quarter. The final score of the third was Penn 12 – Ohio 19.

The fourth quarter started with Ohio’s incomplete pass turning ball over to Penn at their 14-yard line. After a few flags against Ohio, Penn was pushed up to the field, leaving McGowan’s pass to Aj Carnuche (Mohawk) complete for a touchdown. McGowan’s pass for two-point conversion is good. Within 1 minute Ohio scores again, with the help of Jackson taking the ball up the field. At 6:35 left, Brungard keeps the ball and goes on a 4-yard run to a touchdown, and the two-point conversion throw to Wilson was good. With 3:29 seconds left Penn’s Beachy receives a pass from McGowan for another touchdown, and the two-point conversion was good. Finally with 22 seconds left on the clock, Brungard passes to Dylan Dominguez (South Range) for an 11-yard touchdown, and the two-point conversion was good. Leaving the final score at Penn 28 – Ohio 35.

I asked Coach Guerriero what Ohio’s advantage point was coming into this game, and he said, “I have to give it to the kids, you know, I think the kids the past two weeks practiced hard, they were focused. When I went in at half time a coach was talking to the defense and nobody was talking or messing around, they were so focused I really think they wanted to win. And I give a lot of credit to the kids who are at the end of their career and wanted to finish it off this way.”

At the end of the game MVP awards were given to players on both teams.

Ohio’s MVP on offense: #21 Beau Brungard, who had 17 complete passes and threw for 250-yards, throwing 4 touch downs and rushing for one of his own.

Ohio’s MVP on defense: #1 Dorian Jackson, who had 3 tackles.

Penn’s MVP on offense: (resulted in a tie) #1 Taite Beachy who had 17 rushing yards, 122 receiving yards, and 3 touch downs. Secondly, #6 Ty McGowan with 19 complete passes, 260 passing yards and throwing 4 touchdowns.

Penn’s MVP on defense: #28 Dion McIntosh, who had 5 tackles.

Some other stats for the game:

Number of plays
Penn: 58
Ohio: 49

Passing Yards:
Penn: 260
Ohio: 259

Rushing Yards:
Penn: 85
Ohio: 144

Receiving Yards:
Penn: 260
Ohio: 259

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