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2020 Player Profile: Kobe Bonnano, Redbank Valley @bonanno_kobe @RVBulldogs

Written by: on Monday, September 7th, 2020


Name: Kobe Bonanno

High School: Redbank Valley High School

Class of: 2021

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 260

Position: DL/RB/QB

Twitter: @bonanno_kobe

Your nickname, if you have one you’d like to share: Koab

Siblings (# brothers and # sisters): 1 Sister

College Major (if decided): Mechanical Engineering

Do you play other sports? If so, please list: Wrestling and Baseball

Favorite subject in school: Math or Chemistry

Any team goals for the upcoming 2020 football season: Win D9 and Go For a State Chip.

If you are goal-oriented, your personal goals for the season: Become All-State DL and be seen by more colleges.

How has football helped you in the game of life: Has taught me many leadership skills and taught me how to be a better man.

Your biggest role model and why: My grandfather because he got cancer from Agent Orange and he still fought through and lived his life normally. He saved my whole grandmothers family from China after his service in the Vietnam War. Also, the day after his open heart surgery he came to my football game. He was just overall a great man.

Words of wisdom/advice for the kids in the youth or midget program: Never take any moments for granted sooner than you know it you’ll be a senior in high school going on your last year.

The one person you’d like to meet (alive or deceased): Bo Jackson

Favorite athlete(s) and why: Kobe Bryant, because he was a great athlete and even better man.  Aaron Donaldson because he is also a great man and a very hard worker.

Favorite entertainer (musician, band, actor, actress, etc.): Trippie Redd or Juice Wrld

Favorite sports movie: Remember the Titans

Favorite meal: Steak and Eggs

Favorite dessert: Pizza Hut Cinnamon Rolls

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