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2020 Player Profiles: Andrew Freyer – Curwensville @AndrewFreyer @tide_football @JamesRThompso10

Written by: on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020


Positions(s) LB. RB
Jersey #22
Ht 5'10
Wt 150
2019 statsReceiving Yards3
Solo Tackles56
Total Tackles64
Tackles Per Game7.1
Total Sacks.5
Passes Deflected1
Twitter: @AndrewFreyer

Why do you play football?Football has became a part of life for me.
I have been playing ever since I was little, starting back when I was in flag football and I have loved it ever since.Football has shown me many life lessons and I have made many good memories playing football beside all my friends.

Who is your favorite sports star and why?
Luke Kuechly because he was a great linebacker  and he studied each teams offense before the game.

Do you have a favorite play you remember the most? Explain What game, yours, college or pro, was your favorite game and why?
My favorite game from this past high school season would have been our first home game. We had our first win in coach Andy Evanko stadium.

What is your favorite Pro team, any sport?
Denver Broncos

What sports movie would you watch every day if you had to pick one and why?
Facing the Giants

If your mom and dad are screaming at you from the stands, what is it they usually yell?
Who is your mentor, the person you want to be like? My mentor someone I really looked up
to was my pap.

Name a sport you’d love to play but can’t:

Is there anyone in your family, besides your parents, you could consider your biggest fan? Who, Why?
My cousin Mike Carfley, he goes to every game. It doesn't matter the circumstances he's always glad to be at the game.

When you aren’t playing, practicing or training for sports, what is your go to activity and why?
Probably either fishing or hunting.

What is your favorite football memory to date?
Freshman year when we got coach Evanko his 150th win.

What is your favorite play to run?
My favorite play to run the most is 25 lead.

Music of choice:

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