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PA Football News Spring 2021 State Football Scoreboard

2021 Player Profile: Karson Kline – Clearfield @KarsonKline @Bison__Football

Written by: on Friday, June 4th, 2021


Karson Kline

Clearfield Football

Class of 22

Positions WR/DB/LS

2020 Stats

6 Games
18 Receptions
283 Yards
3 Touchdowns
2 Ints
19 tackle



When did you start playing football?

I started playing tackle football in 3rd grade

Do you feel with your size some defensive players may overlook you?

I feel my others may look down at my size but It does not alter how I play the game other than motivation

In watching your hudl reel it appears you have sticky hands, plenty of speed and you can make the catch even when tightly covered. What makes catching the football so easy for you?

I have been throwing around or playing with some sort of ball since I could walk so I think it has come naturally from my childhood

Which other sports if any do you play?

Track and Wrestling

How much film on opponents do you watch on your own?

I watch film on my opponents before games but more often I watch the best guys play the game

What is the one sport you wish you could play but do not have the talent to?

Hockey is one sport I wish I could’ve learned to play at a young age

What makes playing for Clearfield so special?

Playing for Clearfield is so special because of how great the coaching staff in every single sport is and the love they have to make the athletes the best they can.

Up to now what is your all-time favorite on-field memory?

My favorite on-field memory was winning a district title my junior year

Which teacher is your favorite and why?

My favorite teacher is Mr. Zimmerman because of his advice for everything

Favorite type of music?

Country music

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