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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

#BEYONDTHEKEYSTON (OHIO) Cowboys Rope Falcons 28-9 @MassieFootball @WyomingSports

Written by: on Sunday, November 8th, 2020


The night game of my double-header took me to me back to Clarksville, Ohio to watch the playoff game between the Wyoming Cowboys and the home team Clinton-Massie Falcons. The Falcons are known for A stingy defense along with A ground and pound offense, while the Cowboys could be said are known for winning. I am using the rosters from in case any players names are incorrectly added to this article.

Speed can be one, if not the most dangerous weapons in sports CJ Hester has it to burn as he showed the Falcons defense while picking up 44-yards just 0:15 seconds into the contest. The Falcons defense seemed to adjust right away because the next time Hester got the ball he was immediately introduced to Nathan Wildermuth and Brody Muterspaw who said hello by the way of A 2-yard loss.

With the defense doing their job the Falcons offense went to work with Carson Vanhoose taking A pitch to his left and picked up8-yards, with his team facing A third and three. Hester would get to Vanhoose the next time the pitch play was tried holding the play to just two yards and bringing up A fourth and two. The Falcons would settle for A 30-yard field goal from Trevor McGuinness to go up 3-0 with 2:01 left in the opening quarter.

Hester would show the Falcons he had more speed than he had shown on his 2-yard loss run by turning on the after-burners to go 85-yards for the score adding the P.A.T to give the Cowboys the 7-3 lead was Spencer Gonzalez, with 36.8 seconds showing on the clock.

The Cowboys made short work of the Falcons offense, with Jared Hancock making the big play, A 3-yard loss on A run by Gabe McDowell.  MJ Gren would throw A nice little pass to Nathan Glisson, who looked like Bullet Bob Hayes as he left the defense way, way behind him racing 87-yards for the score. The P.A.T. would give the Cowboys the 14-3 lead, with 7:57 left in the half.

The Massie defense would be right back on the field after their offense struggled to get anything going Charley Hale would stop Carter Euten for A 3-yard loss. That play set up the Falcons getting the ball back A short time later but things did not start out well on the drive. Vanhoose would lose 6-yards when Glisson threw him to the turf. But on fourth and eleven quarterback Kody Zantene used some nice work from his offensive line to rush for the first down. The drive ended on A 31-yard field goal by McGuinness to give us our 14-6 halftime score.

The Falcons would eat up most of the third quarter on A 17-play, 62-yard drive. Vanhoose would have to convert A fourth and two early to keep things alive and he did with A 3-yard pick-up. Zantene used his feet to pick up seven hard yards. The drive fizzled out on play number sixteen short of the first down marker, so play number seventeen was A 27-yard field goal by McGuinness making this A 14-9 game, with 3:46 left on the clock

On the ensuing kickoff, the Cowboys muffed it with the result being A recovery by the Falcons Gabe McDowell only 29-yards away from the go-ahead score. two plays later the super speedy Glisson would pick up A Massie fumble take it about 90-yards to the Massie one. From there Brennan Pagan scooted in for the score making this A 21-9 game.

Before the quarter came to an end Dawson Conley gained 20-yards for the Falcons on A nice catch.  The Falcons would convert another fourth down with Carson Vanhoose picking up six when only three was needed to move the chains. The Cowboys would make three final big plays before they settled on the 28-9 win. First, Hester rushed for 24-yards, then a short time later Beau Thomas caught A 6-yard touchdown pass. As it should have been for the Cowboys their defense spoke last with the words being A sack by Quaid Hauer on Zantene.











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