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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

#BEYONDTHEKEYSTONE (OH) Philo Electrics electrocute The Maysville Panthers 43-0 @PhiloFootball1 @philocoach @MaysvilleAD @WHIZscores

Written by: on Sunday, October 11th, 2020


Last night I was seeking A night game to replace my original game that lost out to COVID-19. Driving from Steubenville the location of my day game, I made A pitstop at A speedway to grab A coffee there I peeked in at to look at the Ohio schedule and noticed Philo was hosting league rival Maysville, in round one of the playoffs. These two teams had just met last week, with Maysville eeking out A 43-42 overtime win. Being I had not been to Duncan Falls to catch A game at Sam Hatfield Stadium since the 99 season, I thought this is the game to go to.

Kaden Hall would connect with Nate Harper to pick up A first down for the Panthers when facing A third and nine with 9:36 left in the quarter. Later in the drive facing A fourth and two the Panthers elected to go for it but the Electrics defense was ready for this and the result was Hayden Jarrett stopped short of the chains, when he was hit by a large volt of Electrics.

The Panthers defense showed A wild streak when Austin Wayne go to Eli Preston for A 3-yard loss after A catch. Preston would get the last laugh when he hauled in A pass and raced 51-yards for the games first score. Carson Kerns would make this a 7-0 game with his P.A.T. with 2:31 left in the quarter. The quarter closed out with Hall hitting Cade Searis for A 15-yard catch, on fourth and two.

Just:55 seconds into the 2nd quarter A bad snap when Hall was in punt formation led to A punt of 0 net yards. However, the Panthers defense bailed out their special teams unit when they stopped Owen Smith on A fourth and one try. After getting the ball back the Panthers quickly was forced into another punting situation but this time instead of punting the ball Hall threw A pass but Jaxson Radcliffe made an outstanding play, when he knocked the pass away, to give the ball back to his offense.

With 5:30 left in the half, Kearns hauled in A halfback pass that it looked like was thrown by Casey Munyan for A gain of 24-yards. At the 4:03 mark of the quarter, Casey Munyan electrified the home crown, when he broke to his right to score from 9-yards out making this A 14-0 game after the P.A.T. was again good.

Just under 2:00 minutes were left in the half when Carter McCutcheon took in A pass for A gain of 23-yards. That set up A 16-yard run from Jaxon Radcliffe to make this A 21-0 game.

Owen Smith got the Electrics offense going in the third quarter, with A 20-yard run. However, it was the Panthers defense stepping up after that to quickly end the drive. When the Panthers got the ball back Radcliffe picked off A Hall pass. Right away the Panthers defense stepped up again, with Hayden Jarrett and Cameron Novaria combining to stop Munyan for A loss of three.  The Electrics would get A 19-yard catch from Andrew Phillip who broke A tackle to get the long gain. This became A 29-0 game when Munyan broke A tackle then raced 12-yards for the score. Kerns took the handoff when it looked like he was going to kick the P.A.T. to convert the two-point conversion, with 4:23 left.

Hayden put the ball on the ground with 1:55 seconds left in the quarter and making the recovery for the Electrics was Steven Ervin. Owen Smith ends the quarter on A 19-yard run taking the ball down to the Maysville 7-yard line.

This became A 36-0 game just twelve seconds into the final frame when Max Zimmerman scored from A yard out. The Philo defense would shut down the Panthers offense again with Ty Moorehead leading the way, with A sack of Hall for a 9-yard loss. The Philo offense went back to work with Case Fink taking the ball down to the Panthers 2-yard line. From there Zimmerman made this A 43-0 game.

To complete the shutout Philo used A sack of Hall for by Blake Linkous and Harrison Fusner for A three-yard loss. Putting the icing on the cake was A interception by Griffin Wells with 0:54 seconds left on the clock.






PASSING 10-20 1 TD







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