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November 30-December 6 2022 Scoreboard
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CSP walks away from Cassadaga/Falconer 41-7 @CSPfootball #BeyondTheKeystone

Written by: on Monday, April 26th, 2021



My Saturday afternoon game took me to Panama, New York to watch the powerhouse known as CSP (Clymer/Sherman/Panama) battle a super young squad from Cassadage/Falconer. This was a very tight contest for the first half but then as cream does CSP would rise to the top of things and run away with this one using a monstrous third quarter to do so.

Dense would rule the nest early in this one with CSP flexing their arms first when Brendon Ramsey took Dalton Caldwell down for a big 12-yard sack. Garrett Williams would return the favor for the CF defense when he got to Bishop Kopta for a sack of his own. One more big play in the quarter would come in the shape of a tackle by Zach Chase that resulted in a 6-yard loss for Noah Abram.

The 2nd quarter would see the CSP offense start to wake up. John Swabik broke off a powerful 23-yard run with some nice work from his O-Line. Connor Cooper scored from two yards out to make this a 6-0 game. A bad snap was mishandled causing Kopta to be stopped short when he tried to run the ball in. The CSP went back to work when it got back on the field. Alex Dunnewold got to Caldwell for a 10-yard loss. After getting back on the field the CSP offense would get a nice pass from Kopta to a diving Matthew White for a 25-yard gain. Kopta would find John Swabik for an 18-yard touchdown on a play where the CF forgot to account for Swabik. Kopta was successful on the two-point conversion run making this a 14-0 game, with 5:44 left in the half. Each team would end the half with one big play apiece. For CV, Landon Mower used a lot of power and a little speed to pick up 53-yards. Many fans around me were wondering why Mower was not getting the ball more in this one. For CSP, Cooper used a quick stop and go move to pick up 21-yards.

I am going on 58 years old and first started watching high school football way back when I was in elementary school and what I watched in the third quarter of this one I had never seen before. Using the scoreboard clock CSP would score three touchdowns in just:29 seconds. Touchdown one came from a 6o something yard kickoff return by Swabik. Touchdown number two came on a 10-yard run from you guessed it Swabik. CSP had gotten the ball back on the kickoff when Mower for whatever reason jogged away from the live ball. A source on the field later told me someone yelled out poison and that is what caused the confusion. The third touchdown came on a pick-six Derek Sears by. Sears caught the ball after it was tipped. Jordan Svetz would hit all three point-after kicks to give us the 35-0 score.

The rest of the half sort of flew by before it was all over Kopta would have a nice completion to Svetz for 33-yards. Swabik took the ball to the CF one to set up a score from Brendon Ramsey for the last CSP points making this a 41-0 contest. CF would get on board with a 3-yard run from Mower. CF did not have many bright spots in this one but this super young team never quit. Brock Johnson would also have some nice moments in this one for them/ The roster does not have the year of the players on it for CF but if Mower and John are younger classmen they potentially have a very nice two-headed monster if they choose to call their numbers more. Abram, I think could be a monster for them as an inside receiver. But then again I am just a dumb fan who loves watching the game.

I want to thank coach Harper for staying around to talk to me and one of our photographers for a good 15 minutes after the game for securing me a spot on top of the press box or in the press box next week, for their big game against a solid Fredonia team.


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