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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

Indiana’s High School Football – A Perspective #BeyondTheKeystone @Sykotyk

Written by: on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021


CIC Day at Ball State

Indiana high school football may be overlooked nationally. However, the Hoosier state knows how to put on a football game. Not every year, but frequently, the Central Indiana Conference, a small school conference of 8 schools hosts a weekend of league games at Ball State’s Scheumann Stadium in Muncie.

The games start on a Saturday morning, and the four games run into the evening. All four games went off on schedule. Kicking off in three hour increments. These small school crowds may be dwarfed by a the small Division I school stadium, but it’s a chance for all the kids in the league to get a chance on a major college’s turf.

Tickets are $10 for the all-day affair. Allowing fans to stay as long as they want for the four games. The weather was warm, but pleasant. Sunny, but not suffocating. The day started with what might be considered the less desirable matchups, and progressed to the battle of 3-0 teams. Though the schedules were set prior to the season.

Mississinewa, the Indians from Gas City, took the field for the first game against Madison-Grant. A ‘newer’ school, if you could call it that who were the Argylls. Mississinewa (Mih-Sih-Naw-Wah) would run away with this one from early on.

The second game of the day, a rematch from the 2018 CIC Day at Ball State, saw the Blackford Bruins play the Alexandria-Monroe Tigers. A game three years ago ended 70-52. This year, projections were a one-sided affair for Alexandria prevailing. But, after a quick score, the Blackford squad, a consolidation from years ago of the handful of Blackford County schools into one, would make it interesting. Taking the lead. And trying desperately to fend off the Tigers. But, late in the game, a two score lead wasn’t enough and Alexandria would come back for a thrilling, 31-28 victory.

The 4pm game, all of these games being 2018 CIC Day rematches, would be Frankton and Elwood. With some roster limitations at Elwood, the Frankton Panthers would dominate. winning 37-0 in a grinding victory that they never let up.

And the night cap was perennial power Eastbrook, who have appeared in multiple state finals. Oak Hill, their opponent on this somber day, would struggle against them and slowly fade away. Eastbrook would run it up to a laughably easy victory, 50-13.

And with that, another CIC Day at Ball State would come to an end. A tradition that seems so natural and repeatable, yet just lacking elsewhere in the world of high school football. A conference day of all teams playing league games at a major venue to provide a much enjoyed chance to play on the big field. To dream bigger than the high school field.

Delta v. Yorktown

These games were preceded by one of the better rivalries in Indiana. Surrounding Muncie, there’s several schools including Delta to the northeast and Yorktown to the west. These two squads are fierce rivals and their game lived up to the hype. Taking the field at a roudy and crowded Delta Football Stadium, the Delta Eagles crowd was well-fed from the parking lot free buffet of burgers, dogs, pasta salads, mac and cheese, and desert treats like Rice Crispy Treats, cookies, and things I’m sure were overlooked on the multi-table long spread.

All free. All from the booster club to celebrate another opportunity to cheer on their Eagles. The head cook on the grill, there for over two decades doling out some of the best burgers around, is a welcoming presence. Quick to make anyone at home at their stadium.

Delta’s stadium is simple, but holds a crowd. And bursts at the seams with people. Lining the fences around the track. The crowd fills in every available spot to see their Eagles play. The student sections are rambunctious and loud. Decked out in red, white, and blue. Yorktown, too, brought a crowd to populate the far side of the field. Painted against a backdrop of farmland which smelled like farmland. The 7:30 start aided with a picturesque sunset and surrounding inside the stadium. As the large, recently renovated school sits across the large lot to the west.

The game was preceded by celebration for seniors and then a 9/11 memorium. The two teams interspersed along one long line holding US flags. The game began, with a bang, as Delta jumped to a 14-0 lead. A sure victory seemed in the offing. But, Yorktown made it a game and soon, trailing by 7, were down 21-13 and driving with a minute to go. Finally scoring and sending the game to overtime, 21-21.

In the extra frame, Yorktown scored first. A ten yard TD on first down. An seemingly unintersting extra point was tacked on. And then it was Delta’s turn. And they took advantage of their opportunity. Scoring a short TD to setup the tying kick. And the kick was rough, sailing through the air outside the post, and the exuberant Tigers flooded the field. Winning their heated rivalry game, on the road, in a comeback, a 28-27.



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