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PA Football News 2019 State Football Scoreboard

Marion Pleasant overcomes Paint Valley 43-21. @PaFootballNews @PVCoachCoop @PVAD1 @SMitch3ll @PVLocalSchools @pleasantlocal

Written by: on Saturday, September 7th, 2019


Last night I made what should have been about 1 hour and 30 minute drive to Marion Pleasant, that turned into a 2 hour plus drive thanks to Columbus traffic and construction. If you know how much I detest driving anywhere near Columbus, then you know how highly I think of Coach Pete Hollon of Paint Valley. I consider coach, a friend and hold him in high regard. Now to the game.
Hard hitting was a theme in this one even though at times defense took a back seat to both teams’ offense. The hard hitting was shown big time when, Braydon Ison blasted Marion Pleasant quarterback Austin Shaffer to force a 4th and sixteen, at the Paint Valley sixteen yard line. A fourth down play would go for not and the Bearcats defense trotted off the field as their offense jog on. The Bearcats offense would get a 88 yard run from Ison, who used some sweet work by his line to score easily. Ison would not be heard from very much on the offensive side of the ball, after his score? The point after kickoff of the foot of Jackson Williams gave the Bearcats a 7-0 lead, with 7:34 left in the opening quarter.

The Spartans offense used a 26 yard run right up the gut of the Bearcats defense by Weston Cheney to give the momentum right back to the home team. A fourth and four conversion was successful, when Patrick Blubaugh went up the gut of the Bearcats defense and was not stopped until he reached the four yard line. The drive ended with 2:22 seconds left in the quarter, with Shaffer crossing the goal line to make this a 7-6 game. Shaffer then added the point after kick to lock this one up at seven. In the last :53 seconds of the quarter both teams would add another score. For Paint Valley, quarterback Bryce Newland went 14 yards and for Marion Pleasant, Shaffer found Alex Joachim on a simple slant, that went for a 67 yard score. After one quarter the game was locked at fourteen.

The clock read 7:57 left in the half, when Noah McGinniss planted the Bearcats ball carrier hard into the turf. Newland, who at times can look like a division one college prospect and at other times look like a regular high school quarterback, would look the part of the better of the two, when he found Cruz McFadden for a 34 yard gain. The pass hit the multi talented Cruz in stride, making the catch as easy as a receiver could have it made for him. The seven play seven five yard drive ended when Newland plowed in from five yards out. The point after kick gave the Bearcats a 21-14 lead, with 2:44 left in the half.

The Spartans ended the scoring in the first quarter with just two seconds left and they would end the scoring in the second with just forty four seconds left. The score came when Shaffer again found Joachim on another slant, this time from 20 yards out. The point after kick locked this one up at twenty one.

Things remained tight until 8:03 seconds remained in the third quarter, when Blubaugh used his speed to score from 6 yards out. Blubaugh listed at 5-9 185 has speed to burn and from where I was setting appeared to have Barry Sanders like field vision. The point after kick gave the home team a 28-21 lead that would balloon to twenty two before all was said and done.

The Bearcats defense, who looked a little winded from my seat would get a nice play from Ison, who stopped Weston Cheney after only a two yard gain, after Cheney had made a nice catch. The Spartans offense would get a fine 28 yard run from Shaffer then a 23 yard run from Blubaugh that set up a 1 yard score from Shaffer. Blubaugh and Shaffer is a nasty one, two punch, that is going to cause a many of headaches for at least eight more defensive coordinators before the season is done. Shaffer would find Joshua Lambert wide open in the left corner of the end zone to complete a two point conversion, that made this a 36-21 game.

Paint Valley was in the midst of a nice long drive, that came to a sudden halt, when Newland threw a bad pass that was easily intercepted around the five yard line by Braxton Reed, who took the ball back to his own 25 yard line. Shaffer would again find Joachim for another score, this one from 30 yards out. Joachim adds a third weapon for the Spartans and a very dangerous one. The point after kick would make the final score 43-21 Marion Pleasant. The Spartans defense would get a sack on Newland, with just 1:53 seconds left by Connor Sparling to put the final stamp on this one.




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