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New Mexico Spotlight: Mayfield v. Roswell

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| October 24, 2022

In southern New Mexico, is the city of Las Cruces. Located along the Rio Grande, the City of Crosses, is at a major juncture along Interstate 10. Just west of the trailing end of the Rocky Mountains and the southwestern desert climes to California.

The Las Cruces Public Schools built a beautiful, and spacious stadium in 1999 that now houses all four of the city’s public school football teams. Those being the Las Cruces Bulldawgs, Mayfield Trojans, Centennial Hawks and the Organ Mountain Knights. The Knights’ school just recently underwent a name change from Onate to Organ Mountain at the behest of native considerations over the school’s namesake having an untoward history with the area’s earlier people.

On this night, Mayfield was hosting Roswell in a Class 5A matchup. The 184 mile trek for the visiting Roswell Coyotes a minor issue to the road warriors out west.

The game started with a bang, as Jordan Weathersby snagged a 64 yard TD catch just 2:02 into the contest for Roswell. Josh Estrada piled on, with a 68 yard TD catch of his own just 2:23 later. In the second quarter, Luke Linnan made it interesting for Mayfield, as he scored on a 23 yard run. The kick was good, cutting the visitors’ lead to 13-7.

Bryce Sanchez would answer with a 1 yard run and a 15 yard run to take a commanding 28-7 lead. In the waning moments, Manny Fuentez would get a 1 yard run setup by a long pass to the 1. And Bryce Sanchez would add his third score of the quarter with a 2 yard run with just 32 seconds remaining. The 42-7 lead growing agonizingly close to New Mexico’s 50 point sudden death mercy rule.

Xai Carrasco opened the second half with a 35 yard pick six for the Coyotes. The running clock kept things moving briskly, and in the fourth quarter the Trojans’ Kaden Quinones would corral a 30 yard pass for the last touchdown of the game. Roswell would hold on for the 49-14 final.

For more, and larger, photos from this game, click HERE.

For photos from previous weeks and seasons, visit http://www.flickr.com/sykotyk/sets/

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