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Raceland Rams race to 57-12 Grid win over Montgomery County @pafootballnews, @racelandramsfb, @football_mchs

Written by: on Saturday, August 17th, 2019


Last night the Raceland Rams battled the Montgomery County Indians in the nightcap game, at Raceland high school and when all was said and done, the smaller school, also the home team, the Raceland Rams annihilated the much larger school. Though this was just a grid game and means nothing as far as the season goes, it did give the smallish crowd a glimpse of the Rams track like speed and the accuracy of their Junior quarterback, Jacob Heighton. Heighton has plenty of receivers to throw to and most seemed to have speed like Parris Campbell and hands like Jerry Rice.

Montgomery County, a team who ran the ball, what seemed like 95% of the time seemed to have plenty of weapons, but could not shooting themselves in the foot, with penalties and turnovers. The number one problem the Indians faced was they looked about two steps slower than the Rams, especially on the outside.

The varsity portion of the contest ended with the Rams trouncing the Indians 57-12, then with the JV action thrown in the final score overall was 63-12.

Raceland took a 6-0 lead, on a 15 yard catch from Gunnur Lewis. Lewis also had a long catch on the drive, on a play where he had a step or two on the man trying to cover him. Also on the drive Seth Mills had a nice 12 yard run right up the gut of the Indians defense.
Montgomery used a 42 yard run by Josh Wheaton to set up their first score, that was a 2 yard run by Wheaton. 6-6.

Raceland would light up the scoreboard again, when Heighton found a wide opened Nicholas Bowling, for a 54 yard score. The score was set up off of a fumble recovery by Hunter Correll. 12-6 Raceland.

Raceland would score on a 78 yard catch by Lewis, who this time had three steps on his man.The pass hit the soft handed receiver in stride, allowing him to reach the end zone without being touched. 19-6 Raceland

In the 2nd quarter the Indians made this a 19-12 run, when Jaden Akers raced into the end zone from 41 yards out. At this point you might have had the feeling the bigger Indians was going to be able to hang in this game, but the Rams had other plans. A 73 yard touchdown pass
to Mark Cox made this a 25-12 game and erased any doubts that the Indians defense could stop the pass happy sneaking running game from the Rams.

Cox would add a 3 yard touchdown catch to put the Rams up 31-12. The P.A.T. of off the foot of Caleb Rowsey made this a 31-12 game and ended the 2nd quarter scoring. As the teams headed to the locker room, I think most people were glad the varsity was only going to play in the third quarter because the Rams could have put up 100 points on this night had they had the time.

Raceland scored four times in the third quarter. The first came on a short run by Rowsey to make this a 38-12 game.
The next score came 23 yard score from wide receiver Isaac Sparks. Peyton Ison hit the P.A.T. to increase the lead to 45-12.
A 30 yard run by Landyn Newman, who used a nice little move to invade a tackler made the score 51-12. The final touchdown for the varsity came on a strip and score by Stephen Denny. 57-12

Raceland added one JV score in the final frame to make the overall score 63-12.


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