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Six-Man Spotlight: Elida v. Animas from New Mexico

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| October 24, 2022

On Saturday afternoon, the Elida Tigers hosted the Animas Panthers on the eastern prairie of New Mexico. Situated part way between Roswell and Portales, Elida is a small stopping point along US 70. The small town just large enough to field a six-man team in the NMAA, the state association of New Mexico.

Their opponent on the day traveled 388 miles from the far southwest corner of the state. From south of Lordsburg near the Mexican and Arizona borders. A long trip such as that is nothing uncommon out west. The small group of players (17 for Animas) and fans (a few dozen) made the long trip for the game. Ranked #5 in the state, they were paying a visit to the #3 team in the state.

Elida, sporting a roster of just 16, was looking to clinch a home playoff game in the following week’s playoff slate. On the field surrounded by short trees giving a nice backdrop, the game started with the visitors gaining the upper hand.

Edel Molinar would bookend a Dalyn Taylor 40 yard TD run, with two of his own. The opener from 49 yards out on the opening play, while his second would come from 40 yards out. Dalyn Taylor would answer, with a 9-yard run, while Mikael Mulloy would snag the one point pass. In six-man, kicks are worth two, as the difficulty is increased, while runs and passes only worth one.

Edel Molinar, the all-everything back for Animas, would score a third time in the first quarter, from 1 yard out, to take a 23-14 lead. Seth Jimenez would get on the board for Elida from 3 yards out. Cutting the deficit to 23-21 to close out the first quarter.

The second frame was all Elida. Seth Jimenez would get his second straight score on a 10 yard reception. Dalyn Taylor would add a 30 yard run before Mason Pritchett would take over the scoring. First on the one-point run, and then recovering a fumble and using the first scrimmage play after to get a 23 yard touchdown run. Jimenez would then get the single point on the ground. Pritchett would add another score from 26 yards.

The commanding 48-23 halftime lead would snowball, as Pritchett would add another 65 yard touchdown. While Taylor would get the one-point run. Animas would finally break into the scoring ledger with another Molinar score from 5 yards out. Pritchett would block the kick on defense. Holding the 55-29 lead.

Pritchett would then continue his tear with a 33 yard run while Taylor would get the single point on the ground. Pritchett would then get his fourth and fifth touchdowns of the game with touchdown runs from 33 and 46 yards. With four minutes remaining, the now Molinar-less Animas Panthers struggled and the Tigers were looking for the finishing move. With just 42 seconds left in the third quarter, after a defensive stop via fumble in the redzone, Pritchett would take off on a 73 yard scamper down the left side to make it 75-29. His sixth of the day. And just one score from the sudden death rule.

After a defensive stop on a listless Animas team realizing the inevitable, Cason Norman capped the scoresheet with a short run with 7:17 remaining in the fourth quarter. Elida would win, 81-29.

After the game, the state brackets were announced. And Elida would be hosting Animas once again next Saturday.

For more, and larger, photos from this game, click HERE.

For photos from previous weeks and seasons, visit http://www.flickr.com/sykotyk/sets/

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