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Cody Blosser with three picks help the Millersport Lakers to the 44-20 win over Federal Hocking @JackTreinish @FbPort @FH_Lancers @FHLancersAD @twil2323

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| October 17, 2021


Yesterday I rushed back to Ohio from Oakmont, Pennsylvania to Millersport, Ohio to catch the Federal Hocking Lancers at Millersport Lakers game. My reasoning for doing this was this. One I had told the really nice A.D. Scott Pohlman (I hope I got that correct) I was going to cover this game and my word is my gospel plus I wanted to finally see Federal Hocking play. The last time I caught Millersport they only had fifteen players dressed last night if my headcount was correct they had twenty. The Lancers according to their handwritten roster given to me by the guys in the pressbox had the as having strangely enough fifteen dressed.

The Lakers, who you might know from my last time covering them is in their first year of football after a five-year hiatus. They came into this one with a record of 2-4. Some might look at this and say not good, but knowing that they are in their first year back with virtually no varsity football experience. The Lancers, who lost earlier this season to the lakers (35-48) came in with a 0-6 record. They too are having crazy number problems as are many smaller schools.

Cody Blosser opened this one up with a sweet pick on a Tyler Rogers pass. On the second play of the game, Tony Smith coughed the ball up where Johnny Campanaro made the recovery for the Lancers. The Lancers used a fourteen-yard run from Rogers that had fifteen yards tacked on for a face mask. This game I am estimating would see twenty-plus flags thrown before the fat lady was able to sing. The first of many of bad snaps in this one caused Rogers to fumble the ball where Trevor Trenish pounced on it.

Blosser, a multiple-sport athlete for the Lakers would pick up sixteen yards on a nice quick run to give the Lakers a much-needed first down. With 4:34 left in the turtle slow-moving opening quarter, Mason Reynolds would pick up twenty-three yards for the Lakers to help set up a Trey Johnson to Tyler Hall twenty-yard touchdown pass making this a 6-0 game, with 1:34 showing on the clock.

Hall would stop Ethan McCune for a short loss to set up second and goal from the Lakers four. From there Rogers took it in to lock this one up at six. Rogers looked like a nice athlete playing quarterback, who showed he is dangerous when running the ball. He gets to the corner quickly.

Johnston, on third and long found Blosser for thirty-two yards on third and long. I asked Blosser after the game which sport he liked playing better Baseball or Football. Before letting you know his answer, the kid is a stud on the diamond according to everyone I spoke to. His answer was “he liked both the same now”.

He did add that he was hesitant about playing football but was so glad he was because he was having so much fun doing this with his friends. Smith made up for the earlier fumble when he went thirty-three-yards, after breaking a tackle to give the Lakers the 12-6 lead, with 5:30 left in the half.

Blosser would get his second pick of the game with this one going for a sixty-five-yard touchdown. Mason Reynolds converted the two-point run to give the Lakers the 20-6 lead, with 4:28 left in the half. Blosser who said after the game that it was so fun getting another win and then made a point of how cool it is to do this for the community and the school along with his teammates. In talking to him afterward you could see feel the pride he had in the Millersport area, the school, his coaches, and his teammates.

Federal Hocking would score right before the half ended on a Rogers to A.J. Daniels twenty-three-yard pass. The drive totaled seventy yards, taking eight plays. The success of this drive was in large part due to the work of the offensive line allowing the runners to pick up yards easily. The score made this a 20-12 game with the teams heading to the locker rooms.

The Lakers would get a kickoff return of nearly sixty-five yards from Andrew Kronebitter to start the third quarter to make this a 26-12 game. The short kick allowed Kronebitter an easy path to the end zone after getting past the first wave of Lancers.

Millersport again lit up the scoreboard when Blosser to a handoff moved to his right stopped on a dime and threw a strike to Tyler Hall for the fifty-five-yard touchdown. Treinish hit the point after kick making this a 33-12 game, with 8:01 left in the third.

Bryce Forgette recovered a Lancers fumble on what looked like a bad exchange between the quarterback and running back. Blosser would continue his all-star-like performance with a seventeen-yard run. I congratulated Blosser after the game and wished him good luck on getting win number four against a gritty (3-6) Fairfield Christian team. Treinish came in to nail a twenty-seven-yard field goal to give the Lakers a 36-12 lead.

The Lancers refused to lay down and quit as they showed with an eight-play, forty-yard drive that ended with a one-yard touchdown run by Rogers. Daniels to Rogers converted the two-point conversion making this a 36-20 game, with 1:30 left in the third.

The last play of the third quarter should have been the number one play of the day had ESPN known about it. Facing a fourth and eighteen, the Lakers did line up to punt but Tyler Hall faked the punt and scored on a sixty-yard run. Johnson converted the two-point run to give us our 44-20 final score.

Blosser would get his third pick of the game, at the 10:32 mark of the game. He just missed getting another one earlier in the game. The Lakers defense recorded two more nice plays before this one was over. First, Treinish sacked Rogers for a loss of five, then Forgette got to Ethan McCune for another five-yard loss. McCune ran hard all day long earning every yard he got in this one. Rogers and McCune both are nice players, if the Lancers could get more kids like them to come out for football, they would start seeing a giant improvement on the field.

Unofficial Stats


73 Plays

329 Yards

Passing 6-14 1 TD 3 INT’S


43 Plays

275 Yards

Passing 7-14 2 TD’S


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