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Juvenile Diabetes Has Not Stopped Ryan Haines

Written by: on Wednesday, October 16th, 2019


Ryan Haines, a 6’4 260 pound offensive tackle from for Salesianum High School in Wilmington, Delaware, tries to stay positive every day of his life. Earlier in his youth Ryan was playing  baseball with his friends and for some reason he said, he didn’t feel right. His parents Tim and Nancy Haines scheduled him a doctors appointment almost immediately. What they found out was that Ryan was one of just 200,000 kids under the age of 20 diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. One million people over the age of 20 also have the same disease which is described as type One Diabetes  The disease prevents the pancreas from producing insulin needed to live a normal life and as a result Ryan must monitor his blood-sugar level on a daily basis. As of now there is no cure. His parents, family and friends often participate in Juvenile Diabetes Walks of Fund Raisers.

When asked how he monitor’s  himself he said ” It’s more like team work. I get help from both of my parents and my sister Samantha who is going to Nursing School pitches in.” Ryan said his parents are very strict and will not let him participate in any activity ,especially football if his medical numbers are not in tact. So far so good for the senior standout. When asked about college Ryan said laughingly “My dad told me to go to a school that offers the most money”.

His dad played football for West Catholic in Philadelphia as did his uncle Billy Haines. Ironically last week the Sallies played undefeated Episcopal Academy of the Inter-Academic League. Ryan’s uncle is an assistant at Episcopal which had the Haines family throwing verbal jibs and jabs at each other all in fun of course leading up to the game. Ryan said EA was very well coached and a very good football team who did in fact beat Ryan’s squad.  Rumor has it that uncle Bill was calling Salesianum’s plays out before the snap. Ryan said “I may have heard my uncle’s voice a few times ” he laughed.  Ryan, who is being looked at by some Division One Schools, says he wants to stay close to home while playing at the next level. “I want to be near my family, which is pretty big ” he said.  There is some noise that Temple may be interested in this very special young man. When asked what advice he would give to a youngster with the same condition Ryan replied ” It’s not easy, but if you take care of yourself and do the right things you can live a normal life.” Here’s hoping Ryan gets his wishes while playing at the next level which is playing close to home . After all he needs Mom, Dad and Samatha to check to numbers.  Ryan also had an older brother Tim who does not live at home.

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