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Protime continues to lead the amateurs, but the panel made some strides in weekend picks

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| November 7, 2022


I wouldn’t call it a banner week for the panel, however, three amateur coin flippers actually topped the top dawg this past weekend. Elizabethtown and Oil City skunked the group while they all hit on Mapletown and Berlin. Polka Al and FoD hit on 11 and Tristan landed the coin on the correct side for a whopping 12 correct flips, all topping Protime who nailed on 10 prognostications. The gap for the lead tightened a little bit, but it will take a monster effort for someone to overtake the Master. Tristan, FoD and Al are 7 back, Eddo is still 8 back.
Here’s what the results looked like.


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