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Protime Saddened Football Season is Over

Written by: on Monday, November 30th, 2020


Protime remembers how he felt as a kid when Christmas vacation was over and he had to go back to school.  That’s kind of how he feels now that high school football season is over.  The state championship games over the two-day period in Hershey are the equivalent of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to Protime.  There is that excitement, that feel good feeling, that natural high, that exhilaration Protime always got when the big day or days arrive that he’d waited a whole year for.  Then that feeling of sadness, depression, and even dread took over when Protime realized time doesn’t stop and he had to go back to school.  In this case, he’s facing day after day of no PA high school football until next August.  Mrs. Protime has compiled a long list of ‘honey do’ items to keep him busy though.  Protime is hopeful that once he gets through the list next season will be here.

But Protime is happy for the kids of the teams that made it to Hershey.  They had the support of their local school boards that permitted them to play during the pandemic and they dodged the bullet each week of being shut down due to the virus.  Maybe the kids learned something about responsibility through all of the chaos this year.  Finally, Protime is thankful to the PIAA Executive Director Dr. Bob Lombardi for having the vision that most of the season could be played.  Every single kid who made it to Hershey, whether his team won or lost, is thankful also that they had the opportunity to compete.  They take with them memories they would never have had if not for the decision made by the PIAA to proceed with an abbreviated season.

Protime also wants to congratulate the winners who persevered and brought home the 2020 state championship.  It was certainly a year like no other.  If anyone remembers Protime’s “Way too Early” prognostications for 2020 back in May, he predicted 9 of the 12 finalists.  The other three: Central York, Jersey Shore, and Jeannette were mentioned as contenders.  Even though 2020 was a bugger of a year, Protime was on his game way before the season began.  In fact, Protime only attempted that kind of savvy soothsaying once before with similar results.  Protime’s accuracy is uncanny and maybe this could be the start of something for PFN.  When Protime told the lovely Mrs. P that she was married to a one of a kind, she rolled her eyes and said, “you got that right,”

Protime was 5-1 in the title tilts in Hershey.  That gave him a final record of 221-49 or an 81.9% in predicting the winners of mostly big games and toss-up match-ups around the state.  The Premier Prognosticator would like to wish an early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of his faithful followers and readers.  See you next year.

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