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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

Road to Hershey is closed, Teams now will play title games at Cumberland Valley

Written by: on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022


Presumably the field won’t look like this come December, but Chapman Field is now the home of the title games for the next four years

Since 1998 the tradition of throwing Hershey’s candy on the field after winning a semifinal has been embraced as the signal that the next stop is the state championship game at Hershey Park Stadium. Hold onto your candy bars, the tradition is over.  Today the PIAA voted to move the Championship games to Cumberland Valley.  “Cumberland Valley RFP (request for proposal) was very competitive, very attractive, they will have a new field, new press box, new scoreboard, media center etc. It gave our schools better conditions to play”.

“This will be great for our community and we are excited to host… We believe our facilities are second to none and we are pretty centrally located in Pennsylvania.” said Cumberland Valley AD to ABC27. With questions surrounding the facility, fan reaction so far hasn’t been great. However, CV does acknowledge that they are adding much needed improvements to facilitate such events. Lombardi also said the availability of a training room, media center, weight room, the layout of the locker rooms and two artificial surfaces available for walk-throughs were key factors in the decision.

Cumberland Valley was chosen over bids from Hershey, Altoona and even Beaver Stadium. Bob Lombardi said of Beaver Stadium “playing on grass for 6 games and considering the number of fans they have had recently they couldn’t have paid the bills to Penn State.”

As a reporter who has been there many times, covering every title game there since 1998 I’ll say this. The stadium at Hershey isn’t as kind as many of you might think from the bleachers.  The locker rooms the kids have to use has always been the number one complaint. They’re the original locker rooms. ancient, crappy and SMALL. Many teams don’t fit in them. So there’s that. They cut the heating lines to the pressbox, which during title games in Dec and you’re there all day isn’t ideal for reporting staff. The price for the PIAA to rent the place isn’t affordable. They aren’t kind to the PIAA.  They control what can and cant happen within the stadium.  You can’t get the teams for the next game into the facility until after everyone leaves. I for one am glad we aren’t heading back. As a fan, the experience might suffice but on the inside it’s far from up to par. I was hoping for Altoona, but I’ll embrace CV and what they have to offer.  See you all on the “Trail to the Valley”.


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