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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

Coach Weider’s @Go_Rout Coaches Notebook: 5 questions with Anthony Bourassa of Cocalico and a playoff breakdown

Written by: on Monday, October 25th, 2021


Player of the game– Anthony Bourassa of Cocalico. He rushed for 330 yards on 23 carries and 2 touchdowns in Friday’s win over Warwick. Cocalico can win Section 2 of Lancaster-Lebanon with a win over Manheim Central Friday night. 

5 Questions with Anthony Bourassa

1) Can you describe how big a win that was for you and your team this week?

It was a big win we know that they were going to come out a play there hardest so we had to come out playing cocalico ball. 

2) Can you talk about your offensive line and the impact they have on your as a FB?

Yeah they are great I love those guys up front and I love them and how the block their butts off and so I got to pay them back buy getting some yards. 

3) Can you talk about Coach Strohl as a 2nd year head coach?

Yeah I mean I love the guy and thank him so much for helping me become a better man today. Yeah he is doing his job and I think we have something going good for use right now and I think that he making the right call right now and yeah I like what we have right now. 

4) Can you describe the tradition of playing football at Cocalico?

They tradition of playing cocalico football is beating tough and being a team there is no I in team so yeah we just are really close and I am going to miss these guys. 

5) Big picture. Can you describe what an Eagle scout means to you?

Yeah it’s great it was starting to get hard at the end but I had to push threw it and get it done it means a lot to me I will be with me forever

Team of the week– Columbia. Columbia was really impressive Friday night. They withstood the running attack of Elco and were able to hang out to a 42-35 victory. Robert Footman again was excellent, but the entire team hung in there and got a huge win for that program. Bigger things await them the rest of the year. 

Team of Coach of the week– Doug Dahms of Wilson. Huge 28-21 victory over Hempfield this week. They entered Section play with a 2-3 record, but have won 4 in a row in the section. If they beat Township next week they will win an outright title.

Play of the week-Double moves in pass plays. One of the good ways to take advantage of an aggressive defense is to use double moves. An example is the out and up. Have your Wide Receivers run an out route then convert it to a deep route. It usually works because players are aggressive to stop the initial route. It is especially good when you got Wide Receivers who are fast and can run by the defenders. 

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Football has 4 downs, so here are 4 thoughts from what I saw, watched, and heard this week:

6A LL and York Teams (top 8 make it) District 3 Playoff Rankings 

1.Central York, 4. York High 5. Manheim Township 7. Wilson 9. Hempfield 

Comment: Central York vs. York High Friday night is a huge one for seeding purposes. If Hempfield beats Penn Manor they should have a good shot to make the playoffs, but Carlisle right ahead of them losing would help as well.   

5A LL and York Teams (top 14 make it) District 3 Playoff Rankings 

3. Manheim Central 4. Spring Grove 8. South Western 9. Warwick 15. New Oxford

Comment: Manheim Central plays Cocalico for a section title Friday night, plus to keep pace in seeding. New Oxford needs to win Friday night and hope for Lower Dauphin to lose to have a good shot to make it. 

4A LL and York Teams (top 10 make it) District 3 Playoff Rankings 

3. Lampeter Strasburg 4. Cocalico 7. Kennard-Dale 9. Donegal 10. Octorara

Comment: Lampeter Strasburg looks to be in a good position, but got jumped this last week by Berks Catholic and McDevitt. Donegal and Octorara holding on to the last two spots in the playoffs. 

3A LL and York Teams (top 8 make it) District 3 Playoff Rankings 

6. Lancaster Catholic 7. Bermudian Springs 9. Anneville Cleona

Comment: Catholic looks like it is probably in win or loss this week. Anneville Cleona needs to win and get some help to make it. 

2A LL and York Teams (top 4 make it) District 3 Playoff Rankings 

1. York Catholic 2. Columbia 

Comment: York Catholic is 8-0 and Columbia is 7-1. Both are playing well and could face each other in the district championship game. 

1A LL and York Teams (top 2 make it) District 3 Playoff Rankings 

2. Fairfield 3. Delone Catholic

Comment: Fairfield and Delone Catholic both are fighting to make the playoffs to face State power Steelton-Highspire. 

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