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Written by: on Wednesday, October 13th, 2021



This classification is one of the best in years. The favorite to be #1 is Northwestern Lehigh. They are not without holes. They turn the ball over and have 8 turnovers in 7 games. They also take it away and have 11 for a +3 turnover margin.

That being said, 8 teams are in the running. There are only 4 spots.

4A School  W  L  Rating  TWP  OWP
1 Northwestern Lehigh 7 0  0.759957  1.000000  0.414530
2 Pottsville 6 1  0.719977  0.859060  0.519833
3 Allentown Central Catholic 4 3  0.679040  0.689655  0.663765
4 Wilson Area (11) 5 2  0.595834  0.722628  0.413374
5 Bethlehem Catholic 2 4  0.555632  0.446429  0.712778
6 Blue Mountain 3 4  0.518291  0.438849  0.632611
7 Bangor Area 4 3  0.495381  0.589928  0.359326
8 Saucon Valley 3 4  0.487429  0.445255  0.548117
9 Lehighton 1 6  0.363324  0.138686  0.686583
10 East Stroudsburg – North 0 6  0.319413  0.000000  0.779056

Let’s start with Northwestern Lehigh: Pottsville, Saucon Valley, and Catasauqua (2A). They will be favorites in all 3, but Pottsville really stands as a threat. Saucon Valley is a Jeckyl and Hyde team. Catty is a win but over a 2A.

Pottsville: Northwestern Lehigh, Bangor, and North Schuylkill. An upset over Northwestern could vault them over Northwestern Lehigh due to the strength of the schedule. All 4A teams.

Allentown Central Catholic: Whitehall (5A), Pocono Mountain East (6A), and Bethlehem Catholic. This team could get in even with a losing record. Their schedule is the toughest of the whole bracket at the end. They could win all three or go 1-2. Any win/loss over 5A and/or 6A will help them. They are in.

Wilson: Bangor, Blue Mountain, and Notre Dame GP (3A). Big huge game at home Saturday vs Bangor. This could be for a spot in the tournament. Then next week they battle Blue Mountain. They are a contender as well.

Bethlehem Catholic: Parkland (6A), Bethlehem Freedom (6A), and Allentown Central Catholic. Killer schedule keeps them in it even if they lose. They may have to win one or two to get in.

Blue Mountain: Southern Lehigh (5A), Wilson, and Schuylkill Haven (2A). Might control their own destiny if they win out. The Schuylkill Haven win would be over a 2A team. A win over Southern Lehigh a 5A team will help but Strength of schedule will knock them out.

Bangor: Wilson, Pottsville, and Pen Argyl (0-7)(2A). With Wilson and Pottsville on this list and a win over 2A and winless Pen Argyl. They are probably on the inside looking out. The run game is wonderful. But if you can’t throw the ball you won’t go far.

Saucon Valley: Lehighton (0-7), Northwestern Lehigh, and Palisades (2-5) (2A). Their survival may be dependent upon an upset over Northwestern Lehigh. Lehighton has one win, so they hurt the strength of the schedule. That’s a tough one. The loss last week to Southern Lehigh may have doomed them. Dante Mahaffey has carried this team on his shoulders.

This is the way I see it. There will be many rematches in the tournament.

4A School  W  L
1 Northwestern Lehigh 10 0
2 Pottsville 7 3
3 Allentown Central Catholic 7 3
4 Wilson Area (11) 7 3
5 Bethlehem Catholic 2 7
6 Blue Mountain 5 5
7 Bangor Area 4 6
8 Saucon Valley 5 5
9 Lehighton 1 9
10 East Stroudsburg – North 0 9

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