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Episcopal wide receiver Neo Vossschulte will serve his country after senior year, commits to Army West Point. @NVossschulte @EA1785_Football

Written by: on Tuesday, June 29th, 2021


“I’m beyond blessed to announce I have verbally committed to Army West Point. I Would like to thank all of the coaches who have helped me get to this position, my family, and the entire Army Staff.” Short and simple, yet a decision that will last a lifetime for Episcopal Academy wide receiver Neo Vossschulte. Today via twitter he told the country that he’s ready to serve for them, and at the same time he told his parents and other colleges that after 9 years (plus this last one upcoming) his recruiting process is over.

Think he’s excited about where he’s going to play? “Big time football, Big time degree. I thought to myself what schools I would ever consider over a school like West Point and there weren’t many. It was as simple as that. It’s overlooked. I feel as though people don’t really understand how competitive and good Army football is. There aren’t many schools that are playing against Oklahoma or Michigan State and taking them into overtime. And the coaching staff; they are great. All very caring people who love and invest their time and effort into the program.”

It was coach John Loose and Coach Gaither who had the most influence in getting the 6-4, 192 pound wide receiver to commit to the Black Knight program. It was a recruiting process that like many others, he found challenging at times to navigate. “It was stressful. As an athlete you want the best athletic opportunity for yourself to succeed. You see athlete all around you getting offers and being successful in what they do and you want that for yourself. I worked very hard. Attended multiple camps followed over a thousand coaches and reached out to hundreds of those coaches. It wasn’t an easy road but it was worth it.”

Neo’s parents were very supportive of his decision, and it’s his dad and uncle who had the most influence on him throughout his football career. “My dad and uncle. Although they are completely two totally different people they have influenced my career a lot. My dad never played or grew up around the sport of football but he has always been extremely competitive. That has driven me to succeed. My uncle on the other hand did play football. He was a 6’6 TE for Wisconsin years back. He has been able to help me on the college side of things. I am forever indebted to those two people.”

He’s got a few other items he’d like to mention.

-“I was a quarterback in middle school and a linemen in pee wee.”

-“This was a very long journey but one that is not finished. I cannot wait to begin my career at west point. But, I still have one more year left of High School football. And I want a championship so me and my teammates are going to work extremely hard at doing that.”



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