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Malvern Kicker Sebastian Costantini Accepts PWO, will attend Penn State @seb_costantini @MalvernPrepFB

Written by: on Thursday, November 1st, 2018


Malvern Prep Kicker Sebastian Costantini knew he had his work cut out for him this year. Back in the spring of this year he paid a visit to Penn State with his mom, herself a Penn State Alumna, and he knew he wanted his childhood dream to come true No longer sharing the kicking duties with a teammate, he had a goal and knew what he had to do. His goal was partially achieved  when on OCT 22 he announced that PSU had offered him a spot on the team. His goal was realized when, just 8 days later, he took them up on that offer.

We asked Sebastian about his decision:

WPA: why did you choose to commit to PSU?

Sebastian: Growing up in PA, the dream has always been playing football for Penn State. I always knew Penn State was special I just didn’t know how special until I actually made it up for a game and was able to meet all the coaches and witness the atmosphere and the love that the fans have for this team. I saw the family that is Penn State and knew that It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. On top of the Great Coaching and all the outstanding people at Penn State I love the competitiveness that comes with being at one of the best programs in the nation.

WPA: PSU came in late this year with the offer, how’d that come about?

Sebastian: I had been in contact with Coach Galiano since the Spring. We would talk from time to time, but I knew that my senior year season was going to be a huge part in the decision process. Until this season, I had shared kicking responsibilities with other teammates, so I guess they wanted to see what I could do taking on all the kicking jobs in a game. With that said, I have to thank my teammates, because we work as a team, and are always willing to help each other in order to reach our goals. So if I need someone to retrieve some balls while I was having an extra workout, my teammates were never in short supply.

WPA: who was your biggest influence at PSU, who recruited you?

Sebastian: Two of the main reasons I came to Penn State was for Coach Galiano and Coach Franklin. I like how straight up they are and don’t sugar coat anything. I believe they will really push me on and off the field. On a lighter note, when the recruiting talk was over, I felt they truly wanted to get to know me and my family, they took time out of their busy schedules to really make me feel like part of the family.

WPA: what do your parents think of your decision?

Sebastian: My Parents are as excited as I am. They have gone through this process with me, the traveling, the camps, the calls, but have always wanted me to make the decision. I know they are happy that I have chosen where they really wanted me to be, not just because It is mom’s alma mater, but it is close, and they love watching me play.

WPA: what are they getting in player like you?

Sebastian: I’m a team player. I will always put the team in front of myself. I know what my job is and I will always run out onto the field and deliver. I am also excited to play with some of the strongest talent in the country. I will be joining a special teams squad with talented veterans and I am grateful that I will have the opportunity to learn from them.

WPA: what position will you play?

Sebastian: I will be competing for the kick off and punting responsibilities. I didn’t start kicking until late in my sophomore season. Prior to that, I was a receiver/cornerback. But the team needed a kicker, and having played soccer and rugby while living in Shanghai, I fit the bill, so I took on my new role. It was what was best for the team, and that was most important. Sometimes I still get the urge to hit someone, so you will see me rush in with the return team, I am not afraid to take someone down.

WPA: why commit early?

Sebastian: When you know, you know. I remember going to Happy Valley in June for camp, and my mom and I walked into the stadium, and I just looked out onto the field, and knew a childhood dream was now within my reach. I have visited and talked with other programs, but deep down, wanted that call from Coach Galiano. My mom is an alumni, my family, friends, neighbors all are Penn State fans, so this is a win win, fulfilling my dream, and giving all the people in my life who have always supported me in everything I have ever set out to do, a win also. I look at Penn State as a place for me to surround myself around great people. I will also receive an amazing education, and become a part of one of the strongest networks of alumni in the country.

WPA: what was the recruiting process like for you?

Sebastian: It had its ups and downs. It was stressful and at times. I train hard, but sometimes, you just have a bad day at camp, and all you do is beat yourself up. I would tell other recruits out there to shake it off, and shake it off quick, one bad day isn’t going to shut down the process, but if you let it get into your head, it will. But in the end, my journey brought me to where I wanted to be. Also being a nationally ranked decathlete, I was juggling the recruiting process from two ends, knowing I would have to make a decision. I have to credit both my track and football coaches, Coach Powers, Coach Koenig, and Coach Gueriera, they never pressured me to lean one way or the other, they let me make the decision, but always gave me 110% of their support throughout the process.

WPA: Do you know what you’d like to study?

Sebastian: I’m really interested in computers and how things work. So I am planning to either study computer engineering or IST. My favorite classes in school all revolve around computers and the mechanics of engineering.

WPA: What do you think is the most exciting thing about PS

Sebastian: What do you think is the most exciting thing about PSU? To me everything about Penn State is exciting, the fans, the traditions, the atmosphere, the potential. There isn’t just one thing that excites me about Penn State. A part of me always wanted to go away far for college, but in the end, knowing that my family and friends will be able to come watch me play regularly, is pretty cool.

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