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PSU Commit Allar Competes At Elite 11

Written by: on Thursday, July 15th, 2021


Future Penn State QB Drew Allar (Medina, Ohio) took part in this year’s Elite 11 at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, California two weeks ago. PA Football News staff writer, Ed Weaver (and owner of Circle W Sports), spoke with Allar after night two of the three-day competition.

PFN: You just wrapped up your second day of Elite 11. What did you think and how did day two compare to day one?

Drew: I think our whole group all did really well. Yesterday we really came together as a group. I felt like on the field and we carried that in to today. We cheered each other on, we all want to see all of us do well, but as far as me, I felt like I did really good today. I did pretty good on the pro day. I missed a couple of throws, but I’m pretty satisfied with how I did, but I know my whole group, we’re just looking to stack days.

PFN: You had a killer workout yesterday and obviously tomorrow is day three and then you have The Opening right after that.

Drew: I’m looking forward to it because I’ve never really been on 7-on-7 before, so I’ve never really experienced like a true 7-on-7 environment. So I’m really looking forward to just seeing how competitive it gets. And I know our team is looking forward to taking the whole thing home on a Saturday, Saturday morning. We’re going to meet tonight and go over the playbook again as a group and just get on the same page and cheer each other on.

PFN: Okay. So you guys actually have a whole offensive scheme that you’re running tomorrow. So how does that work? Do you guys get together beforehand, once you kind of find out like who’s who and then just kind of sit down and start just going through stuff?

Drew: I’m not sure how it’s going to work. I know as soon as we get back to the hotel, we’re going to go meet about it. So we’ll figure it out then, but I think we’re just going like mostly review of everything and then just get to go with our game plan and see what goes on from there.

PFN: How is being out in California different from football out in Ohio?

Drew: I mean, it’s super different. This is my first time ever being out west before, so yeah. It’s a really cool experience for me. Obviously the Elite 11 is a prestigious group and I’m just super thankful to be a part of it because I think the last guy from Ohio was actually Sean Clifford to compete in it. So it’s a pretty cool group to be a part of it. Uh, we’ll always remember it for the rest of our lives.

PFN: How do you think taking your experiences here will help once your back at school at next year at Penn State?

Drew: I think the biggest thing I’m taking away right now from the Elite 11 is how much you need to prepare and just dive into the playbook and ask questions because coaches are there to help you and help you answer those questions that you have. So my biggest thing is just going in and competing and just getting better each day and pushing the guys ahead of me and just diving into the playbook as much as I can, because it’d be a big advantage, if I could just dive into the playbook super deep, so I can learn the ins and outs and then just build from there.

PFN: Have you got a chance to talk to any of your future Penn State QBS yet?

Drew: Yeah, obviously I met with Bo had the visceral visit, so it was really nice getting to know him because that was the first time I got to meet him. But, uh, as far as like quarterbacks there, I’ve met all of them. They’re all super nice and I’m looking forward to being a part of that group because I know they push each other each day and they’re always cheering each other on and they want to see each other succeed in there. So each working hard at their own craft and I know how much time they put into it and like just learning the playbook with Coach Yurcich being a new offensive coordinator there.

PFN: Overall what drew you to State College?

Drew: I definitely liked the college town aspect because Medina, where I live, it’s kind of like that too. Tight-knit community kind of its own little thing, but as far as like what drew me to Penn State was the relationships I have with the coaches. Coach Franklin was by far the coach that reached out to me the most. He wanted to get to know me as a player, but really after the first time I really talked to him, it was like nothing about football. I was just getting to know me and getting to know him. I really appreciated that.

And obviously Coach Yurcich, I had a really strong relationship with him at Texas then he moved to Penn State it really took off from there too, because before he got there, I wasn’t even talking to Penn State. So as soon as he got there he texted me and told me to call him, and then we kept in touch for about two months, and then they offered me and we even talked even more after they offered me.

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