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PA Football News 2020 State Football Scoreboard


Written by: on Wednesday, February 17th, 2021


We are proud to announce the following players have been named to our

2021 All-Academic Silver Team.

Members of this team competed in the 2020 season with a GPA of 3.5 – 3.9 

If you or your team is not listed, please HAVE YOUR COACH email we will continue to add to
this list as long as it takes to get everyone on! THIS INCLUDES TEAMS THAT WILL PLAY THIS SPRING

Billy Everitt OL/DL Abington 2021
Roman Hockaday DB Abington 2021
Joseph Nace OL/DL Albert Gallatin 2021
Garrison Vavrek OL/DL Albert Gallatin 2022
Noah Flowers OL/DL Albert Gallatin 2022
Phillip Dennis RB/LB Albert Gallatin 2022
Shawn Loring RB/LB Albert Gallatin 2022
Deven Holdsworth OL/DL Albert Gallatin 2023
John Davis QB Aliquippa 2021
Khalid Ausby RB/WR Aliquippa 2024
Brandon Banks CB Aliquippa
Cameron Lindsey RB/LB Aliquippa
Nathan Lindsey-Gill   CB  Aliquippa  2023
Jeremy Seyfert WR / LB Annville-Cleona 2021
Kyle Black OL/ DL Annville-Cleona 2021
Ethan Schriver C / LB Annville-Cleona 2022
Rogan Harter RB / LB Annville-Cleona 2022
Keighton Reese  Y/SS Apollo-Ridge 2021
Zach Hreha WR/DB Apollo-RIdge 2021
Greg Klingensmith OT/DT Apollo-RIdge 2022
Cooper Gourley C/DE Apollo-Ridge 2023
Karter Schrock Ath/OLB Apollo-Ridge 2024
Luke Fox WR/DB Apollo-Ridge 2024
Ben Pernaselli TE/DE Athens 2021
Jared Peterson WR/DB WR/DB Athens 2022
JJ Babcock WR Athens 2022
Shayne Reid RB/DB Athens 2022
Troy Jenninigs TE/LB Athens 2022
Jaden Wright RB/DB Athens 2023
Dillon Barnyack Kicker Bald Eagle Area 2021
Gabe Millward WR/DB Bald Eagle Area 2021
Gage Watson OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2021
Kyler Cunningham LB/TE Bald Eagle Area 2021
Trey Foster DB/WR Bald Eagle Area 2021
Ashton Phillips OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2022
Ethan Koleno DB/WR Bald Eagle Area 2022
Hayden Vaughn RB/DB Bald Eagle Area 2022
Tanner Bower LB/TE Bald Eagle Area 2022
Brady Hansen QB/DB Beaver 2021
Connor Stewart WR/SS Beaver 2021
James Finch WR Beaver 2021
Mason Lang TE/OLB Beaver 2022
Wyatt Ringer RB/FS Beaver 2022
Matthew Eckert TE/LB Beaver 2023
Sam Pidro WR/OLB Beaver 2023
Marco Gutierrez WR/LB Beaver 2024
Josh Hough RB/DE Beaver Falls 2021
Tyler Cain TE/MLB Beaver Falls 2022
Da’Sean Anderson WR/DB Beaver Falls 2024
Sy’Mauri McCoy OG/DE Beaver Falls 2024
Blandon Hawkins WR/CB Bellefonte 2021
Nicholas Capparelle RB/CB Bellefonte 2021
Ty Butler C/DT Bellefonte 2021
Ashton Kozel RB/SS Bellefonte 2022
Jamal Saunders RB/LB Bellefonte 2023
Chad Metikosh DL Belle-Vernon 2021
Eden Shemesh OL Belle-Vernon 2021
Ian Maloney LB Belle-Vernon 2021
Preston Wilson WR Bellwood-Antis 2021
Zach Cunningham DT Bellwood-Antis 2021
Connor Gibbons RB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Cooper Keen DE Bellwood-Antis 2022
Jake Matley C Bellwood-Antis 2022
Nick Kost RB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Ethan Robertson DT Bellwood-Antis 2024
Jacob Mussleman OT Bellwood-Antis 2024
Jayden Bartlebaugh TE Bellwood-Antis 2024
Robbie Kenner DT Bellwood-Antis 2024
Chet Depue OL/DL Berks Catholic 2021
Connor Gundersen WR/DB Berks Catholic 2021
Kevin Brown OL/DL Berks Catholic 2021
Mark McFadden C/DT Berks Catholic 2021
Ryan Wethey G Berks Catholic 2021
Luke Bennethum OT/DT Berks Catholic 2022
Tyler Givens TE Berks Catholic 2022
Marvin Armistead RB/DB Berks Catholic 2023
Aspen Hay RB/LB Berlin 2021
Brandon Thompson WR/DB Berlin 2021
Charlie Fisher WR/DB Berlin 2021
Nathan Leonard OL/DL Berlin 2021
Tuck Hillegass WR/LB Berlin 2021
Carson Harding RB/LB Berlin 2022
Hunter Cornell WR/LB Berlin 2022
Cody Kimmel TE/LB Berlin 2024
Brian Knorr DT Berwick 2021
Jake Lanning C Berwick 2021
Aiden Mason TB Berwick 2022
Brayden Boone DB Berwick 2022
Ryan Mendez WS Berwick 2022
Rowan Slabinski DB Berwick 2023
BLAYZE VILCOSS WR Bethlehem Center 2021
COLBY KUHNS QB Bethlehem Center 2022
NATHAN ZELNIS OL Bethlehem Center 2022
TREVOR PETTIT LB Bethlehem Center 2022
Ryan Bohrer  WR/DB Bishop Carroll   2021
Brady George RB/LB Bishop Carroll   2023
Jake Harker OL/LB Bishop Carroll   2023
Sean McCarthy WR/LB Bishop Carroll   2023
Luke Repko WR/P Bishop Carroll   2024
Tobey Becquet  WR/LB Bishop Carroll   2024
Chadbourn,  Adam QB/DE Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
Himes,  Evan OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
Butler,  Colin OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Fochler,  Christian OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Meintel,  Joseph OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Pollock,  Patrick TE/DE Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Stayer,  Connor OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Donoughe,  Ryan TE/LB Bishop Guilfoyle   2023
Hofer,  Joseph OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2024
Hostler,  Ryan OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2024
Amari Andrews WR/DB Bishop McCort 2021
Austin Birus WR/DB Bishop McCort 2021
Bryce Bair WR/DB Bishop McCort 2021
Anthony George WR/DB Bishop McCort 2022
Ean Jaber RB/LB Bishop McCort 2022
Joshua Goins WR/DB Bishop McCort 2022
Trenton Boltz OL/DL Bishop McCort 2022
Benjamin Haslett OL/DL Bishop McCort 2023
Ryan Jaber K/P Bishop McCort 2024
Lek Powell  QB  Bishop McDevitt  2021
Gabe Arena  OT  Bishop McDevitt  2023
Riley Robell  LB  Bishop McDevitt  2023
Ty Kephart  RB/SS  Bishop McDevitt  2024
Cody Williams WR Blacklick Valley 2022
Rudy Lanzendorfer DL Blacklick Valley 2022
Arrick Beagle OL/DL Bloomsburg 2020
Brody Hock WR/LB Bloomsburg 2020
Luke Potora RB/LB Bloomsburg 2020
Michael Petock FB/LB Bloomsburg 2020
Sean Frye WR/DB Bloomsburg 2020
Daniel Guzevich WR/LB Bloomsburg 2021
Jake Fogelsanger WR/DB Bloomsburg 2022
Liam Zentner QB/DB Bloomsburg 2022
Chase Fornwald OL/DL Bloomsburg 2023
Da’Ron Reed OT Boys Latin Charter 2021
Seth Cobb qb Boys Latin Charter 2022
Elliot Park C/DE Brookville 2021
Jack Krug QB Brookville 2021
Nathan Taylor G/LB Brookville 2021
Robert Keth WR/LB Brookville 2021
Tyler Myers C/LB Brookville 2021
Truman Sharp WR/Cb Brookville 2023
Charlie Kreinbucher TE/DE Butler 2022
Gannon Horning WR/CB Cameron County  2021
Nathan Reed TE/LB Cameron County  2021
Devin Fowler WR/S Cameron County  2022
Anthoney Putt WR/CB Cameron County  2023
Clayton Geist OL/DT Cameron County  2024
Lathan Reed RB/LB Cameron County  2024
Eafrati, Mario TE/DE Canon-McMillan 2021
Lloyd, Jacob OL/DL Canon-McMillan 2021
Matuscin, Dane LB/WR Canon-McMillan 2021
North, Logan Safety Canon-McMillan 2021
Angott, Ryan RB/LB Canon-McMillan 2022
Carter, Owen RB/DB Canon-McMillan 2022
Lesnock, Sean OL/DL Canon-McMillan 2022
Lyons Jr., LaMont QB/DB Canon-McMillan 2022
Pruss, Julius OL/DL Canon-McMillan 2022
Rahman, Jadon WR/DB Canon-McMillan 2022
Underwood, Brayden LB/WR Canon-McMillan 2022
Hillebrand, Austin WR/DB Canon-McMillan 2023
Kasper, Jake RB/DB Canon-McMillan 2023
Urso, Ben QB/DB Canon-McMillan 2023
Howard, Zyan RB/DB Canon-McMillan 2024
Dylan Frisbie RB/DB Canton  2023
Jason Mahosky OL/LB Canton  2024
Rylan Sakers FB/LB Canton  2024
Anthony Mazaheri DB CB EAST 2021
Brogan Ferry DB CB EAST 2021
Bryan Naroditskiy DT CB EAST 2021
David Nimmo RB CB EAST 2021
Ethan Embry DT CB EAST 2021
Luke Blackwell DB CB EAST 2021
Andrew Perillo TE CB EAST 2022
Brock Davis K CB EAST 2022
Jason Dill TE CB EAST 2022
Manuel Flores-Peralta DE CB EAST 2022
Braden Borkowski DB CB EAST 2023
Dylan Rotondo RB CB EAST 2023
Ethan Shine RB CB EAST 2023
Joe Maeglin LB CB EAST 2023
Luke Quillen TE CB EAST 2023
Matt LaBouliere WR CB EAST 2023
Sean Connor DE CB EAST 2023
Sean Kerrigan OG CB EAST 2023
TJ Simkiss DE CB EAST 2023
James Stuart TE/DE CD East 2022
Nate Wyrwas WR, CB Central Cambria 2021
Ethan Gillin WR, RB Central Cambria 2022
Ian Little QB, FS Central Cambria 2022
Jonathan Hajzus TE, DE Central Cambria 2022
Reece Werner OL, DL Central Cambria 2022
Nolan Wyrwas WR, CB Central Cambria 2023
Zach Taylor WR, DB Central Cambria 2023
Gavin Bachik OL, DL Central Cambria 2024
George Dill TE, ILB Central Cambria 2024
Calvin German QB Central Clarion 2021
Cutter Boggess LB Central Clarion 2021
Jordan McCord Wolbert C Central Clarion 2021
Kyle Bottaro FB/LB Central Clarion 2021
Luca Cherico C/DE Central Clarion 2021
Ackerman Clayton QB Central Columbia  2020
Chapin Ty LS Central Columbia  2020
Crawford Carter LB Central Columbia  2020
Hidlay Aiden QB Central Columbia  2020
Liam Kenny-Jagielski CB  Central Columbia  2020
Stout Ioannis LB Central Columbia  2020
Wiest Aiden WR Central Columbia  2020
Alex Hanna K Central Dauphin 2021
Dan Ficca LB/RB Central Dauphin 2021
Paul Clark LB Central Dauphin 2021
Darrion Thomas DE/TE Central Dauphin 2022
Myles Wallace DL/OL Central Dauphin 2022
Randy Rudy LB/WR Central Dauphin 2022
Tyrell English DB/RB Central Dauphin 2022
Ameer Dudley QB Central Valley 2021
Hunter Mitchell OL/DL Central Valley 2021
Hunter Viscuso OL/DL Central Valley 2021
Bryce Wilson DB/WR Central Valley 2022
Jack Bible TE/LB Central Valley 2022
Matt Merritt OLB/WR Central Valley 2022
Serafino DeSantis K Central Valley 2022
Antwon Johnson QB/LB Central Valley 2023
Brett Fitzsimmons RB/OLB Central Valley 2023
Justin Samuel OL/DL Central Valley 2023
Kaden Colville OL/DL Central Valley 2023
Keegan Adamson TE/LB Central Valley 2023
Matt Gerovac WR/LB Central Valley 2023
Abram Tatalovich WR/DB Central Valley 2024
Ben Walmsley K Central Valley 2024
Marcus Lawson QB/DB Central Valley 2024
Beau Pribula QB Central York 2021
Carter Glassmyer OLB/H Central York 2021
Cole Luckenbaugh OLB/H Central York 2021
Danny Pham DT/T Central York 2021
Jack Smith MLB Central York 2021
Kyle Fontes DE/TE Central York 2021
Trenton Dunnick DL Central York 2021
Anthony Collura WR/DB Chartiers Valley 2021
Luca Mascellino RB/LB Chartiers Valley 2023
Coby Hunt TE/DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2021
Hunter Gaston OL/LB Claysburg-Kimmel 2021
Logan McDonald OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2021
Samuel Gill OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2021
Ethan Laborde OL/LB Claysburg-Kimmel 2022
Pressten Imler RB/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2022
Ethan Mauk TE/DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Gavin Walters WR/DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Luke Angstadt WR/LB Cocalico 2022
Toby Haldeman DB Cocalico 2022
Mason Moore RB/DB Cocalico 2023
BRAD ROBINSON WR, LB Conemaugh Township Area 2021
CARSON HUBER WR, LB Conemaugh Township Area 2021
DREW TAYLOR WR, DB Conemaugh Township Area 2021
BRADY KIST WR, DB Conemaugh Township Area 2022
NICK GROSIK TE, DE Conemaugh Township Area 2022
Ian Conway WR Conemaugh Valley 2023
D.J. Penske DB Conestoga  2021
Gavin Merschel LB/DL Conestoga  2021
Matt Evitts LB Conestoga  2021
Max Austin DB Conestoga  2021
Nico Arbes LB/RB Conestoga  2021
Alex Harris OL/DL Conestoga  2022
Mike Austin LB Conestoga  2022
Patrick Reilly WR Conestoga  2022
Peter Detwiler WR Conestoga  2022
Brody Eaton TE/DL Conestoga  2023
Jeremy Friend WR/DB Conestoga  2023
John Nielson DB/WR Conestoga  2023
Charles Janvrin DT / TE Conestoga Valley HS 2021
Kaden Martin LB / RB Conestoga Valley HS 2021
Simeaon Teklu OT /DE Conestoga Valley HS 2021
Zach Fisher FS / WR Conestoga Valley HS 2021
Nic Tran C / WR Conestoga Valley HS 2022
Avery Tran FS / RB Conestoga Valley HS 2023
Erik Moyer LB Conrad Weiser 2021
Gabe Trevena LB Conrad Weiser 2021
Iann Firestone LB Conrad Weiser 2021
Luke Capozzi OL Conrad Weiser 2021
Stephon Croft Sp. Teams Conrad Weiser 2022
Adam Noll Sp. Teams Conrad Weiser 2023
Brandon Spencer Ol/Dl Cornell 2021
Nooch D’allesandro Rb/Db Cornell 2022
Tim Henderson Wr/Db Cornell 2022
Ej Dawson Qb/Lb Cornell 2023
Raequan Troutman Wr/Db Cornell 2023
Damare Brough Ol/Dl Cornell 2024
Drevon Newton Wr/Olb Cornell 2024
Najeh Austin Rb/Dl Cornell 2024
Nick Kreuzer WR/DB Crestwood 2021
Andrew Hischak RB/LB Crestwood 2022
Chase Pugh RB/LB Crestwood 2022
Evan Fey WR/DB Crestwood 2022
Aidan Jardine OL/DL Crestwood 2023
Brendan Dennis QB/DB Crestwood 2023
Chris Smolenak OL/DL Crestwood 2023
Evan Makowski FB/LB Crestwood 2023
Magnus Bibla TE/LB Crestwood 2023
Michael Antosh TE/LB Crestwood 2023
Nick Miscavage WR/DB Crestwood 2023
Owen Weaver OL/DL Crestwood 2023
Robert Knight WR/DB Crestwood 2023
Trent Dilodovico OL/DL Crestwood 2023
Zach Sheloski OL/DL Crestwood 2023
Curtis Caldwell OT/DT Curwensville 2021
Ty Terry WR/DB Curwensville 2022
Chase Irwin LB/FB Curwensville 2023
Gabe Erdly OL/DL Danville 2021
Ian Persing WR/OLB Danville 2021
Mason Raup LB/RB Danville 2023
Ty Stauffer RB/OLB Danville 2023
Bronson Krainak FB/LB Danville 2024
Bryce Miller RB/CB Dover 2021
Julian Williams OB/DE Downingtown West 2021
Will Bruton WR/DB Downingtown West 2021
Carter Ameye QB Downingtown West 2022
John Barry OL/LB Downingtown West 2022
Josh Barron RB/DB Downingtown West 2022
Sam Siafa OL/DL Downingtown West 2022
Jake Kucera WR/DB Downingtown West 2024
Barry Kelley OL/DL Eastern York 2021
Isaac Buser OL/DL Eastern York 2021
Jacob Crumling WR/CB Eastern York 2021
Jacob Doyle OL/LB Eastern York 2021
Kaleb Crean WB/LB Eastern York 2021
Liz Heistand K Eastern York 2021
Maya Gohn MGR Eastern York 2022
Kendal Hengst MGR Eastern York 2023
Dillon Benson WR Eisenhower 2021
Jared Beers OL/LB Eisenhower 2021
Owen Trumbull QB/ S Eisenhower 2021
Cael Black RB/DE Eisenhower 2022
Gannon Jaquay OL/LB Eisenhower 2022
Benji Bauer LB Eisenhower 2023
Griffin Snyder G/DT Ephrata 2021
Zach Wanous TE/LB Ephrata 2021
Elijah Knowles WR/DB Ephrata 2022
James Ellis C/DE Ephrata 2022
Stanley Wratto RB/LB Ephrata 2022
Coy Schwanger WR/DB Ephrata 2023
Weston Nolt T/DT Ephrata 2023
Garret HannahOL OL Erie 2022
Logan HannahLB RB/CB Erie 2022
ANDREW MILLER DB Exeter Twp 2022
TYLER YOCUM RB/LB Exeter Twp 2022
COLIN PAYNE DB Exeter Twp 2023
LUCAS PALANGE LB Exeter Twp 2023
Anthony stallworth Rb  Farrell 2022
Omar Stewart wr/lb Farrell 2022
Taydon Strickland  lb Farrell 2022
Kylon Wilson  wr/DB Farrell 2023
Brayden Boggs QB Frazier 2022
Jaedyn Marish OL/DL Frazier 2022
Mathew Kordich OL/DL Frazier 2022
Robert Acklin RB/DE Frazier 2022
   Adam Stefan G/DE Garden Spot 2020
   John Dykie RB/DE Garden Spot 2020
     Colby Weaver FB/LB Garden Spot 2020
     Jonathan Vega WR/DB Garden Spot 2020
  Aiden McCloud T/DE Garden Spot 2021
  Luke Nagle WR/LB Garden Spot 2021
   Walker Martin K Garden Spot 2021
      Blake Weaver FB/LB Garden Spot 2022
Zac Nagle WR/S Garden Spot 2022
Connor Maryniak QB Governor Mifflin 2021
Devonte Phillips OG/DT Governor Mifflin 2021
Zackery Parsons OLB Governor Mifflin 2021
Jordan Kershner Spec. Team Governor Mifflin 2022
Joseph Laffey Spec. Team Governor Mifflin 2022
Nicholas Singleton RB/CB Governor Mifflin 2022
Aidan Young Spec. Team Governor Mifflin 2023
Ayden Martin WR/Saf. Governor Mifflin 2023
Clayton Reynolds Spec. Team Governor Mifflin 2023
Tyler Minick WR/Spec. Team Governor Mifflin 2023
Griffin Richardson DE/OL Greenville 2021
Griffin Richardson DE/OL Greenville 2021
Isaac Sasala DB/RB Greenville 2021
Isaac Sasala DB/RB Greenville 2021
Rufus Byler LB/WR Greenville 2021
Rufus Byler LB/WR Greenville 2021
Levi Swartz DB/RB Greenville 2022
Levi Swartz DB/RB Greenville 2022
Nick Eynon DE/OL Greenville 2022
Nick Eynon DE/OL Greenville 2022
Rasce Stefanowicz K Greenville 2023
Rasce Stefanowicz K Greenville 2023
Corey Medve OL/DL Grove City 2021
Matt Howard OL/DL Grove City 2021
Gage Dlugonski OL/DL Grove City 2022
Jacob Blair OL/DL Grove City 2022
John Hake WR/K Grove City 2022
Madison Warner OL/DL Grove City 2022
Nate Wadsworth OL/DL Grove City 2022
Zack Rodgers WR/DB Grove City 2022
Anthony Nemec RB/LB Grove City 2023
Hayden McCreadie WR/DB Grove City 2023
Gavin Luz WR/DB Grove City 2024
Hunter Hohman QB/DB Grove City 2024
Jordan Medve OL/DL Grove City 2024
Darin Parke TE Hamburg Area 2021
Kyle Vernon SE/CB Hamburg Area 2021
Travis Colson LB Hamburg Area 2021
Cameron Harris SE/FS Hamburg Area 2022
Daregan Mott C Hamburg Area 2022
Tristan Baer FB/LB Hamburg Area 2022
Collin Baer FB/DE Hamburg Area 2023
Conor Walker QB Hamburg Area 2023
Kevin McFarland SE/CB Hamburg Area 2023
Pierce Mason RB/OLB Hamburg Area 2023
Xander Menapace QB Hamburg Area 2023
Alex Bentz SE/CB Hamburg Area 2024
Chris Brown OT Hamburg Area 2024
Marvin Brandstatter C Hamburg Area 2024
Mason Fisher SE/CB Hamburg Area 2024
Joseph Curcio QB/S Hanover Area 2021
Tavon Hines RB/G/ILB Hanover Area 2021
Chris Sims WR/DB Haverford School 2021
Matthew Carlino TE Haverford School 2021
Mekhi Ajose-Williamson RB Haverford School 2021
Brozenich Evan WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2021
Dipangrazio Ian TE/LB Hollidaysburg 2021
Walters Paul OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2021
Bainey Alexander RB/LB Hollidaysburg 2022
Clapper Jake WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2022
Renyck Andrew WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2022
Schultz Carter OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2022
Sloan Avery WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2022
Smith Charles OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2022
Sosnowski Benjamin K/P Hollidaysburg 2023
Houser Brock TE-LB Homer-Center 2021
Mogle Brennan TE-DE Homer-Center 2021
Walbeck Justin RB-LB Homer-Center 2022
Bekina Aiden OL-DL Homer-Center 2023
Rouser Zachary WR-CB Homer-Center 2023
Tagliati Vincent OL-DL Homer-Center 2023
Brady Carmody TE/LB Honesdale  2021
Brady Hanson K Honesdale  2021
Jacob Egan OL/DL Honesdale  2021
Jacob Orrick FB/LB Honesdale  2021
Kane Rogers OL/DL Honesdale  2021
Peter West QB/DB Honesdale  2021
Trevor Reed FB/LB Honesdale  2021
Kyle Hanson OL/DL Honesdale  2022
Zack Wilken K Honesdale  2022
Braden McLaughlin RB/DB Honesdale  2023
Mason Somers OL/DL Huntingdon 2022
Trevor Dickson OL/DL Huntingdon 2022
AJ Nickas TE/LB Indiana Area 2021
Gavin Millen OL/DL Indiana Area 2021
Zach Herrington RB/DB Indiana Area 2022
Josh Nelson OL/DL Indiana Area 2023
Evan Brocious RB/DB Indiana Area 2024
Griffin Prebish RB/LB Indiana Area 2024
Landin Wilson RB/DB Indiana Area 2024
Ethan Lane OL/DL J.P. McCaskey 2021
Luca Fimiani RB/LB J.P. McCaskey 2022
Xavier Gates TE/LB J.P. McCaskey 2023
Eli Rodriguez QB/DB J.P. McCaskey 2024
Caleb Seeger RB/DB Juniata 2021
Josh Rivas OL/DL Juniata 2021
Zach Hart OL/DL Juniata 2021
Josh Bomberger WR/LB Juniata 2022
Phaustyn Houtz OL/LB Juniata 2022
Brayden Christie QB/DB Karns City 2021
Mason Turner T/ILB Karns City 2021
Aaron Taylor G/DT Karns City 2022
Anthony Leitem G/DT Karns City 2022
Austin Brown T/DE Karns City 2022
Luke Garing FB/OLB Karns City 2022
Mason McNany G/DE Karns City 2022
Cooper Coyle WR/DB Karns City 2023
Eric Booher QB/OLB Karns City 2023
Jerry Kummer FB/ILB Karns City 2023
Nate Garing WR/DB Karns City 2023
Bronson Leach G/DT Kennard-Dale 2021
Jacob Walters QB Kennard-Dale 2021
Shane Reinhart T/DT Kennard-Dale 2021
Jedediah Peters WR/DE Kennard-Dale 2022
Steven Lukes RB/DB Kennard-Dale 2022
Jacob Miller TE/LB Kennard-Dale 2023
Michael McKeon WR/DB Kennard-Dale 2023
Samuel Gemmill G/DT Kennard-Dale 2023
Adam Loucks RB/LB Kennard-Dale 2024
Hunter Orem WR/DB Kennard-Dale 2024
Jessup Sharp QB/DB Kennard-Dale 2024
Joseph Smith RB/DB Kennard-Dale 2024
Malachi Christ G/DT Kennard-Dale 2024
Andrew Miller OL/LB Keystone 2021
Cameron Easton WR/CB Keystone 2021
Colin Chapman OL/DL Keystone 2021
Peyton Means  FB/LB Keystone 2021
Ian Keth WR/CB Keystone 2022
Steven Shetler RB/CB Keystone 2022
Aidan Sell WR/S Keystone 2023
Haden Foster TE/DE Keystone 2023
Dana Shores OL/DL Keystone Oaks 2021
Mark Hutchin WR/DB Keystone Oaks 2021
Cross Douglas OL/DL Lakeland 2021
Giovanni Spataro  RB/LB Lakeland 2021
Kevin Snyder WR/DB Lakeland 2023
Chase Cole OL/DL Lake-Lehman 2021
Colby Kennedy WR/DB Lake-Lehman 2021
Ethan Adams QB Lake-Lehman 2021
Luke Spencer WR/DB Lake-Lehman 2021
Marshall Woodrosky WR/DB Lake-Lehman 2021
Ryan Eiden RB/LB Lake-Lehman 2021
Luke Zylka WR/OLB Latrobe 2021
Nate Stemmerich WR/CB Latrobe 2021
Payton Hrehvochak   OG/DE Latrobe 2021
Aidan Sweeney OG/OLB Latrobe 2022
Enzo Rodi TE/OLB Latrobe 2022
Josh Brown OG/DE Latrobe 2022
Ryan Miele RB/ILB Latrobe 2024
Tino DeCapite C Leechburg 2023
Dante Sims DB Lewisburg 2021
Jack Dieffenderfer K Lewisburg 2021
Kaiden Spotts T/LB Lewisburg 2021
Ethan Dominick QB/SS Lewisburg 2022
Julian Alabakoff WR/CB Lewisburg 2022
Cameron Michaels RB/CB Lewisburg 2023
Hayden Kerlin FB Lewisburg 2023
Trent Wenrich LB Lewisburg 2023
Charlie Landis WR/CB Lewisburg 2024
Derek Asche QB Lewisburg 2024
Mason Ordonez G Lewisburg 2024
George Golden  Ligonier Valley  2022
Grant Dowden RB  Ligonier Valley  2022
Kaden Faas  RB  Ligonier Valley  2022
Nick Beitel  RB  Ligonier Valley  2022
Broderick Schreyer  QB  Ligonier Valley  2023
Haden Sierocky  QB  Ligonier Valley  2023
Logan Palmer  SE  Ligonier Valley  2023
Nick Lonas  SE  Ligonier Valley  2023
Adam Bonawitz QB/LB Lower Dauphin 2021
Rocko Taylor OL/DE Lower Dauphin 2021
Ethan Miller RB/LB Lower Dauphin 2022
Max Klingensmith WR/DB Lower Dauphin 2022
Isaiah Edmonds OL/DL Lower Dauphin 2023
 Carter  Lydic  DL, TE Marion Center 2021
 Justin  Peterson  RB, DB Marion Center 2021
 Preston  Fox  WR, DB Marion Center 2021
 Cody  Thompson  DL, OT Marion Center 2022
 Mason  Mantini  QB, S Marion Center 2022
 TJ  Lynn (C) WR, CB Marion Center 2022
 Brady  Tonkin  RB Marion Center 2023
 Parker  Black  C, DL Marion Center 2023
 Travis  Midock  G, DL Marion Center 2023
 Trevor  Midock  G, DL Marion Center 2023
 Alec  Vaglia  TE, LB Marion Center 2025
 Risecen  McGinnis  WR, DB Marion Center 2025
Cappello, John DB Marple-Newtown 2021
O’Brien, Jimmy K/P Marple-Newtown 2021
Small, Joey WR/LB Marple-Newtown 2021
Cantwell, Matthew TE/DE Marple-Newtown 2022
Hagerty, Jack LB/H back Marple-Newtown 2022
Kosmatos, Tasi OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2022
Luster, Angelo RB/LB Marple-Newtown 2022
Schumacher, Michael WR/TE/LB Marple-Newtown 2022
Small, Jonny WR/LB Marple-Newtown 2022
Boyce, Gavin LB/WR Marple-Newtown 2023
Hy, Sonny WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2023
Daddario, John WR/LB Marple-Newtown 2024
Deangelo, Kevin RB/DB Marple-Newtown 2024
Eck, Jacob OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2024
Garbutt, Colin OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2024
Gillan, Alex WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2024
Joy, Steven OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2024
Stevens, Sean OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2024
Sweeney, Ian OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2024
Braeden Soboleski WR/DB McDowell 2021
Carson Masi WR/DB McDowell 2021
Connor Smith OL/DL McDowell 2021
Francisco Trieu LB McDowell 2021
Leonard McLaughlin K/P McDowell 2021
Noah Bielak OL/DL McDowell 2021
Riley Bukowski OL/DL McDowell 2021
Darren Summers DL McDowell 2022
Jack Chylinski WR/DB McDowell 2022
Jacob Skolnik QB/LB McDowell 2022
Logan Carrick WR/DB McDowell 2022
Randy White OL/DL McDowell 2022
Christian Santiago QB/TE/DE McDowell 2023
Zachary Hollenbeck WR/DB McDowell 2023
Blaze Grabowsky LB McKeesport 2021
Colin Lyons OL/DL McKeesport 2021
Connor Kazel OL/DL Methacton 22
Dean Sapalidis RB/LB Methacton 22
Tyler Weil-Kaspar RB/LB Methacton 23
D.J. Ballinger WR/DB Methacton 24
Brennan Campbell K/P Meyersdale 2021
Dylan Shilling TE/LB Meyersdale 2021
Evan Thompson WR/DB Meyersdale 2022
Brady McKenzie FB/LB Meyersdale 2024
Bryson Hetz RB/LB Meyersdale 2024
Ben Umstead TE/LB Midd-West 2021
Brayden Swineford OL/DL Midd-West 2021
Eli Swan WR/DB Midd-West 2021
Hunter Wolfley RB/DB Midd-West 2021
Sawyer Hornberger OL/DL Midd-West 2021
Walker Stuck OL/DL Midd-West 2021
Aaron Hackenburg WR/DB Mifflinburg 2022
Josh Antonyuk OL/DL Mifflinburg 2022
Lucas Whittaker TE/LB Mifflinburg 2023
Dakota Fitzpatrick RB/LB Minersville 2022
Jason Petrozino OL/DL Minersville 2022
Mike Rizzardi OL/DL Minersville 2022
Aaron Laudeman WR/DB Minersville 2023
Kash Tobin OL/LB Minersville 2024
Luke Stevenosky RB/LB Minersville 2024
Taylor McGovern OL/DL Minersville  2021
Connor Kline G/LB Moniteau 2021
Edward Young TE/DE Moniteau 2021
Kirk Mcelravy WR/CB Moniteau 2021
Mason Mershimer RB/LB Moniteau 2021
Cologero Signor FB/LB Montoursville 2021
Heath Jones FB/LB Montoursville 2021
Lane Stutzman OL/DL Montoursville 2021
Sam Carson OL/DL Montoursville 2021
Zackary Schmalhofer TE/DE Montoursville 2021
Marco Pulizzi WR/DB Montoursville 2023
Elliott Aaron OL DE Mt. Carmel Area
Kripplebauer Daniel OL DL Mt. Carmel Area
Moser Dalton OL DE Mt. Carmel Area
Stellar Julien QB LB Mt. Carmel Area
Wetzel Kenneth OL DL Mt. Carmel Area
Dylan Schreffler RB/LB Nativity 2021
Bennett McNamara OL/DL Nativity 2022
Brayden Feisel TE/LB Nativity 2022
Fletcher Eades RB/LB Nativity 2022
Stephan Spolski RB/LB Nativity 2022
Kyle Kenton OL/DL Nativity 2023
Augustus Warke QB/LB Nativity 2024
Nolan Ferhat RB/DB Nativity 2024
Owen Cassidy WR/DB Nativity 2024
Greg Orleski LB Neshaminy 2022
Jack Dunley DL Neshaminy 2023
Nick Buchys DL Neshaminy 2023
Kirschner Christian OL/LB New Brighton 2022
Bobin Zachary WR/DB New Brighton 2024
Dietz Gianni WR/DB New Brighton 2024
Lewis Hunter OL/LB New Brighton 2024
Moore Giante’ RB/LB New Brighton 2024
Bryan Bogaczyk RB / DB North Penn Mansfield 2021
Kevin Alexander k North Penn Mansfield 2021
Marcus Stull WR/DB North Pocono 2021
Ethan Garibaldi WR/DB North Pocono 2023

Michael Blaine

 RB/DB North Pocono 2023
Zach Hoover G/LB North Pocono 2023
Chris Hammond OL/DL North Schuylkill 2021
Dustin Wallace OL/DL North Schuylkill 2021
Kaleb Abalo WR-DB North Schuylkill 2021
Tanner Walacavage WR/DB North Schuylkill 2021
Jacob Nalesnik K North Schuylkill 2022
Josh Shimko OL/DL North Schuylkill 2023
Robbie Weitz OL/DL North Schuylkill 2023
Bradlee Himes OL/DL North Schuylkill 2024
Chase Carroll OL/LB North Schuylkill 2024
Joey Flail WR/DB North Schuylkill 2024
Keegan Curry WR/DB North Schuylkill 2024
Marcus Heiser RB/DB North Schuylkill 2024
Neekoli Caraballo OL/DL North Schuylkill 2024
Zane Zulkowski WR/DB North Schuylkill 2024
Blake Cruz FB OLB Northern 2021
Hunter Hertzog OL LB Northern 2021
Josh Myers OL DL Northern 2021
Tyler Weary WR DB Northern 2021
John Noll WR CB Northern 2022
Layne Hose QB DB Northern 2022
Kade Kitts WR DB Northern 2023
Sam Gunning OL DL Northern 2023
JT VERBINSKI OL/DL Northwest 2021
JAMES SORBER OL/DL Northwest 2022
BILLY MILLER OL/DL Northwest 2024
Brandon Guffy OL Notre Dame GP 2021
Joey Waterman DL Notre Dame GP 2021
Nick Oligino DL Notre Dame GP 2021
Nolan DiSora DB Notre Dame GP 2021
Tyler Lissy OL Notre Dame GP 2021
Collin Quintano QB Notre Dame GP 2022
Jake Seibert P Notre Dame GP 2022
Jayden Becker DB Notre Dame GP 2022
Michael Stambolis OL Notre Dame GP 2022
Peyton Cosover QB Notre Dame GP 2022
Cole Fulton WR/DB Notre Dame GP 2023
Zach Rodgers WR/LB Notre Dame GP 2023
AJ Lozano WR/DB Notre Dame GP 2024
Brayden Quigley DL Notre Dame GP 2024
Cam Coulter DL Notre Dame GP 2024
Dainn Vassallo DL Notre Dame GP 2024
Josh Ludlow WR/DB Notre Dame GP 2024
Michael Manlove LB Notre Dame GP 2024
Robby Wendland DB Notre Dame GP 2024
Flinchbaugh, Joe RB/DB Oil City 2021
Kuney, Jacob LB Oil City 2021
Russell, Cam RB/LB Oil City 2021
Stack, Sean RB/LB Oil City 2021
Stahl, Holden QB/DB Oil City 2021
Weilacher, Jayson OL/DL Oil City 2021
Crocker, Brayden TE/LB Oil City 2022
Crocker, Cam OL/DL Oil City 2023
Mike DiGregorio WR/DB/R Old Forge 2021
Hezekiah Deitz RB/LB Old Forge 2022
Andrew Bartnikowski  WR/DB Old Forge 2023
Matt Lenceski WR/LB Old Forge 2023
Ben Haubert MLB Palisades 2021
Gavin Kreschollek OT Palisades 2021
Marcus Yearwood TE/DE Palisades 2021
Thomas Salva C Palisades 2021
Brock Sral DL / OL Penn Cambria 2022
Jonathon Bossler OL / DL Penn Cambria 2022
Nick White OL / DL Penn Cambria 2022
Ryan McGonigle OL / DL Penn Cambria 2022
Zach Eckenrode LB / RB Penn Cambria 2022
Kayden Logan OL / DL Penn Cambria 2023
Claude Vangelus OL/DL Penn Hills 2021
Jawaan Brown LB Penn Hills 2021
Jaden Dugger WR/DB Penn Hills 2022
Daequan Lewis DL Penn Hills 2023
Jake Tarburton DE/OL Pennridge 2021
Travis Washington DE Pennridge 2021
Ryan Gallagher DT Pennridge 2024
Jae Karlinsey OG/ILB Penns Manor 2021
Nate Price OG/ILB Penns Manor 2021
Nick Buterbaugh T/DT Penns Manor 2022
Ty Fennel OT/DT Penns Manor 2022
Adam Altemus WR/C Penns Manor 2023
Eric Baum WR/OLB Penns Manor 2023
Carter Smith TE/DE Penns Manor 2024
Aidan Brinker QB / LB Penns Valley 2021
John Aston OL / DL Penns Valley 2021
Lucas Homan OL / DL Penns Valley 2021
Mason Lieb TE / LB Penns Valley 2021
Richard Markle OL / DL Penns Valley 2021
Gavin Ryan OL / DL Penns Valley 2023
Hayden Walker WR / DB Penns Valley 2023
Hunter Lyons TE / LB Penns Valley 2023
Miles Brooks WR / DB Penns Valley 2023
Basile Brayden K/P Perkiomen Valley  2021
Hartner Taylor OL/DL Perkiomen Valley  2021
Pot Timothy OL Perkiomen Valley  2021
Adam Natoli K/P Perkiomen Valley  2022
Beaudoin Jake DB Perkiomen Valley  2022
Landes Brody DB Perkiomen Valley  2022
Padworny Noah RB/LB Perkiomen Valley  2022
Curci Bradley RB/OLB Perkiomen Valley  2023
Dugery JC OL/DL Perkiomen Valley  2023
George Matthew LB Perkiomen Valley  2023
Junker Vance OL/DL Perkiomen Valley  2023
Keough Andy WR/DB Perkiomen Valley  2023
Owen Peterlin WR/DB Perkiomen Valley  2023
Sellars Jacob OL/LB Perkiomen Valley  2023
Tsitoukis Yanni OL/DL Perkiomen Valley  2023
Connor Pillsbury RB/DL Pine Grove Area 2020
Josh Leininger QB/DB Pine Grove Area 2020
Shea Morgan WR/DB Pine Grove Area 2020
Ty Reynolds OL/DL Pine Grove Area 2020
Brodie Lyons WR/DB Pine Grove Area 2021
Colin Ibarra OL/LB Pine Grove Area 2021
Carter Raudabaugh OL/DL Pine Grove Area 2022
Jackson Haas OL/DL Pine Grove Area 2022
Mason Kroh ATH/DB Pine Grove Area 2022
Caden Schweiger RB/S Pine-Richland 2021
Charlie Mill WR/DB Pine-Richland 2021
Cole Schurman OL/DL Pine-Richland 2021
Ethan Ballay LS Pine-Richland 2021
Ethan Westerhoff WR/DE Pine-Richland 2021
Harrison Hayes OL/DL Pine-Richland 2021
Alex Gochis WR/DB Pine-Richland 2022
Andrew Mellis WR/DB Pine-Richland 2022
Austin Woodward RB/DB Pine-Richland 2022
Brooms Eastburn RB/S Pine-Richland 2022
Cole Boyd QB Pine-Richland 2022
Dallas Casciani RB/LB Pine-Richland 2022
Garrett Krieger LB Pine-Richland 2022
Jeremiah Hasley LB/H-BACK Pine-Richland 2022
Sam Greene OL/DL Pine-Richland 2022
Baron Graham OL/DE Pine-Richland 2023
Brad Gelly WR/DB Pine-Richland 2023
Brady Carrigan OL/DL Pine-Richland 2023
Isaiah Kerns C/DL Pine-Richland 2023
Michael Mahoney OL/DL Pine-Richland 2023
Tristan Taylor RB/DB Pine-Richland 2023
Ajay Rogers WR/DB Pine-Richland 2024
Garrett Barth OL/DL Pine-Richland 2024
Hunter Petzuk OL/DL Pine-Richland 2024
Nate Brown OL/DL Pine-Richland 2024
Ryan Cory OL/DL Pine-Richland 2024
Giovanni  Aiello HB/LB Pine-Richland 2025
ANTWAIN CARTER DB Pittsburgh CC 2021
CARTER SANTOS OL Pittsburgh CC 2021
CHASE HORNE DB Pittsburgh CC 2021
ERIC BENSON WR Pittsburgh CC 2021
JOSEPH SCOTT OL Pittsburgh CC 2021
MATT  SCHMITT WR Pittsburgh CC 2021
RYAN LEVY DE Pittsburgh CC 2021
COLE FELDSTEIN LS Pittsburgh CC 2022
DEVIN BARREN DB Pittsburgh CC 2022
ANDREW FONTANA OL Pittsburgh CC 2023
CAIDEN OHRN OL Pittsburgh CC 2023
ETHAN LEVY WR Pittsburgh CC 2023
IAN  TROTT LB Pittsburgh CC 2023
KHALIL  WILLIAMS TB Pittsburgh CC 2023
LINUS DONAHOE OL Pittsburgh CC 2023
ROMAN  BRISTOW LB Pittsburgh CC 2023
TURNER MORRIS DB Pittsburgh CC 2023
DAVID  FLEMING LB Pittsburgh CC 2024
TANNER FUCHS DL Pittsburgh CC 2024
Jacob Popish OL/DL Portage 2021
Gavin Gouse QB/S Portage 2022
Braedan Oravecz OL/DL Portage 2023
Ty Kennedy RB/LB Portage 2023
Luke Stohon WR/C Portage 2024
Trent Nesbella RB/LB Portage 2024
Jacob Spadt OL/DL Pottsgrove  2022
Sincere Strimpel TE/DL Pottstown 2021
David Cook G/DT pottsville 2021
Jusin McClure FS Pottsville 2021
Amari Dunn FB/OLB Pottsville 2022
Jason Fermaintt CB Pottsville 2022
Raeff DiCello WR/CB Pottsville 2022
Joey Palko  DE Pottsville 2023
Kieran Houston Special Teams pottsville 2023
Isaac Huey  FB/LB Purchase Line 2021
Josh Syster RB/LB Purchase Line 2021
Jayce Brooks RB/LB Purchase Line 2022
Vincenzo Scott G/LB Purchase Line 2022
Zander Bennett G/LB Purchase Line 2022
Hayden Zechman WR/OLB Red Land 2021
Robert Rodgers FB/LB Red Land 2021
Spencer Fawbush WR/DB Red Land 2021
Zach Baker WR/DB Red Land 2021
Gavin Feliciano K Red Land 2022
Kaden Peifer TE/LB Red Land 2022
Nate Smith OL/DE Red Land 2022
Sam Sklar WR/DB Red Land 2022
Tanner Herman OL/DL Red Land 2022
Addison Janovich OL/DL Red Land 2023
Anthony Rodgers OL/DL Red Land 2023
Ethan Eisner OL/DL Red Land 2023
Griffin Socash RB/LB Red Land 2023
Kerry Rieker OL/LB Red Land 2023
Parker Lawler WR/DB Red Land 2023
Cole Toy  RB/LB Reynolds  2021
Luke Faber  OL/DL Reynolds  2021
Rocco John-Daniello OL/DL Reynolds  2021
Mitchell Mason  OL/DL Reynolds  2022
Kolton Wilkinson OL/DL Reynolds  2024
Aiden Marshall OL/DL Richland 2021
Allen Mangus RB/DB Richland 2021
Connor Rager OL/DL Richland 2021
Jordan Ford TE/OLB Richland 2021
Nathan Kniss OL/OLB Richland 2021
Dominic Bethmann OL/OLB Richland 2022
Jeb Jordan WR/DB Richland 2022
Grayden Lewis RB/DB Richland 2023
Ryan McGowan WR/DB Richland 2023
Sam Penna WR/DB Richland 2023
Zachary Hancock OL/DL Richland 2023
Jimmy Garvey TE Riverside  2022
Paul Higgins OL Riverside  2022
Robbie Garvey WR/DB Riverside  2024
Rashawn Reid RB/CB Rochester 2021
Kyle Laird RB/CB Rochester 2022
Dylan Yunt OL/DL Rochester 2023
Mark Shaffer OL/DL Rochester 2023
Ryan Parker  TE/LB Rochester 2023
Clark Munroe OL/DL Rochester 2024
John Jennings Long Snapper Salisbury 2021
Quintin Stephens QB / DB Salisbury 2021
Nick Beck HB / QB / DB Salisbury 2023
Adam Kenny  OL/DL Scranton Prep 2022
Andrew Durkin TE/LB Scranton Prep 2022
Christain Kohut OL/DL  Scranton Prep 2022
Donovan Williams  TE/DE Scranton Prep 2022
Jimmy Burke OL/DL Scranton Prep 2022 
TJ Roque OLB Scranton Prep 2022 
Colton Sempko RB/LB Shikellamy JR
Gage Wolfe RB/LB Shikellamy JR
John Peifer WR/DB Shikellamy JR
Kade Hoffman OL/DL Shikellamy JR
Kurtis Raker OL/DL Shikellamy JR
Connor Fitzgerald S/TE Shikellamy SR
Drew Balestrini DB/QB Shikellamy SR
Jared Oakes OL/DL Shikellamy SR
Nathan Gessner OL/DL Shikellamy SR
Caden Fuller DL Solanco 2021
Colesen Sheaffer WR Solanco 2021
Mason St. Clair QB/DB Solanco 2021
Ronald Fulton RB/DB Solanco 2021
Josian Forren DB Solanco 2023
Aonghas Evanick T / DL Souderton Area HS 2021
Jacob Horton TE / LB Souderton Area HS 2021
Brayden Porter RB / LB Souderton Area HS 2022
Austin Demo LB South Fayette 2021
Naman Alemada QB South Fayette 2021
Alex Hall DL South Fayette 2022
Connor Harcarik LB South Fayette 2022
Landon Lutz QB South Fayette 2022
Spence Hondru LB South Fayette 2023
Michael Gimigliano WR South Fayette 2024
Nathaniel Deanes DB South Fayette 2024
Sam Hostrander  TE-T South Williamsport 2021
Clay Swarthout  LB-RB South Williamsport 2022
Jake Casella  TE-DE  South Williamsport 2022
Conner Apker  DE-TE South Williamsport 2023
Ryan Casella  G-LB South Williamsport 2024
Braden Heim DE Southern Columbia 2021
Ian Yoder DB Southern Columbia 2021
Logan Potter LB Southern Columbia 2021
Matthew Carl DE Southern Columbia 2021
Michael Yancoskie DB Southern Columbia 2022
Brett Horton OG Southern Columbia 2023
Ezra Herb LB Southern Columbia 2023
Jake Toczylousky WR Southern Columbia 2023
Tyler Arnold QB Southern Columbia 2023
Garrett Garcia LB Southern Columbia 2024
Dylan Oversmith OL/DL Spring Grove 2021
Justin Godman WR/DB Spring Grove 2022
Nazaii Vega RB/DB Spring Grove 2022
Nick Reed OL/DL Spring Grove 2022
Reily Stone WR/DB Spring Grove 2022
Tre Nassar WR/LB Spring Grove 2022
Tyree Brooks RB/LB Spring Grove 2022
Cole McCoury WR/LB Spring Grove 2023
Luke Highlands OL/DL Spring Grove 2023
Connor McMahon OL Spring-Ford 2021
Josh Hellauer TE/DE Spring-Ford 2021
Josh Pergine LB Spring-Ford 2021
Mason Brill OLB Spring-Ford 2021
Naphtali Stine CB Spring-Ford 2021
Nick Cagliola WR Spring-Ford 2021
Zach Marinello LB Spring-Ford 2021
Bauer, Garett OL/DL St. Marys 2021
Bauer, Logan OL/DL St. Marys 2021
Robinson, Josh WR/LB St. Marys 2021
Coudriet, Christian QB St. Marys 2022
McMackin, Cameron WR/DB St. Marys 2022
Amador, Alex WR/DB St. Marys 2023
Steis, Toby WR/LB St. Marys 2023
Millan, Noah WR/DB St. Marys 2024
Jackson Edwards OL/DL State College 2021
Branden Price WR/DB State College 2022
Kyle Kurzinger DL State College 2022
Leo Vandevort LB State College 2022
Nick Leydig WR/H State College 2022
Owen Barr DB State College 2022
Jack Morris QB State College 2023
JW Scott LB State College 2023
Michael Dincher OL State College 2023
Tydre Holland-Alli DL Steelton-Highspire 2021
Carmelo Silva OL/DL Stroudsburg 2021
Dominick Magalhaes DL Stroudsburg 2021
Alfred Kumi-Atiemo CB Stroudsburg 2022
Nathan Voorhis TE/DE Stroudsburg 2022
Andre Reames LB/RB Stroudsburg 2023
Aidan Palmer LB Thomas Jefferson 2021
Alby Breisinger OL Thomas Jefferson 2021
Ian Hansen WR-DB Thomas Jefferson 2021
Nick Trainor C Thomas Jefferson 2021
Preston Zandier WR-LB Thomas Jefferson 2021
Nick Bryan OL-DL Thomas Jefferson 2022
Andrew Graham P Thomas Jefferson 2023
Jordan Mayer TE-DE Thomas Jefferson 2023
Anthony Phillips WR Trinity HS 2021
Kaden Kolson WR Trinity HS 2021
Nathan Seaman DT Trinity HS 2021
Nick Seaman OL Trinity HS 2021
Braydon May WR Trinity HS 2022
Connor Roberts QB Trinity HS 2022
Gio Cipoletti TE Trinity HS 2022
Mason Kraeer DT Trinity HS 2023
Caden Richards TE/LB Tri-Valley 2020
Chase Herb RB/DL Tri-Valley 2020
Chase Herb RB/DL Tri-Valley 2020
Jay Wilcox K Tri-Valley 2020
Jay Wilcox K Tri-Valley 2020
Andrew Slusark OL/DL Tunkhannock 2021
Gaven Bowser LB UHS-ACV 2021
Colton Murray OL  UHS-ACV 2022
Landon Chalmers OL  UHS-ACV 2023
Hunter Cameron RB / LB United 2021
Austin Clark OL / LB United 2022
Isaiah Rose OL / DL United 2022
Jacob Boring WR / DB United 2022
Braden Clark OL / DL United 2024
Caden McCully RB / LB United 2024
Clint Safko OL / LB United 2024
Jacob Sombronski WR / DB United 2024
Jacob Rossman  LB Upper Dublin 2021
Rafe Evans TE/DE Valley View 2023
Lenny Ruggieri RB/LB Wallenpaupack Area  2021
Liam Smith OG/DT Wallenpaupack Area  2021
Chris Quigley WR/DB Wallenpaupack Area  2022
Mabret Levant QB/DB Wallenpaupack Area  2022
TJ Schmalzle WR/DB Wallenpaupack Area  2022
Roman Levant K/P Wallenpaupack Area  2023
Austin Witmer OG/DL Warrior Run 2021
Braden Snyder OT/DL Warrior Run 2021
Hunter Rovenolt ATH/LB Warrior Run 2021
Spencer Tanner TE/DE Warrior Run 2021
Nasir Berry WR/CB Warrior Run 2022
Evan Doresky C/DL Warrior Run 2023
Chase Zazzera West Chester East 2021
Luke Palsgrove QB/DB West Chester East 2021
Riley Boutin WR/DB West Chester East 2021
John Ammon OL West Chester East 2022
Quade Roberts OL/DL West Chester East 2022
Brady Laird WR/LB West Chester East 2023
Michael Renzi WR/LB West Chester East 2023
Dominic Trubiano QB/DB West Chester East 2024
Maximus Condit WR/LB West Chester East 2024
Steven Sleiman WR/DE West Chester East 2024
Tyler Wileczek West Chester East 2024
Chris Smith WR,OLB West Middlesex 2021
Blaze Knight QB,FS West Middlesex 2023
Roman Jones WR,CB West Middlesex 2023
Al-Khabear Russell WR/DB West Scranton 2021
Austin Lewis WR/DB West Scranton 2021
Brian Lipcomb OL/DL West Scranton 2021
Jesus Gonzalez DL West Scranton 2021
Connor Price WR/DB West Scranton 2022
Dan DenHaese RB/LB West Scranton 2022
Roman King OL/DL West Scranton 2023
Theodore Halloran QB  West York  2021
Victor Gonzales  OLB/RB West York  2021
Carter Young OL/DL West York  2022
Daniel Rice DL/RB West York  2022
Jomalier Perez-Rios LB/RB West York  2023
Chimiak, Jake OT / DT Wilmington 2021
Hartwell, Daniel K Wilmington 2021
Hasson, Aiden WR / C Wilmington 2021
McDonals, Xavier OT / DT Wilmington 2021
Phanco, Weston OG / DT Wilmington 2021
Reed, Mason WR / C Wilmington 2021
Winters, Ethan K Wilmington 2021
Edwards, Luke HB / LB Wilmington 2022
Horchler, Elon C / LB Wilmington 2022
Mahle, Cole TE / DE Wilmington 2022
Mcalister, Cole QB / C Wilmington 2022
Kio, Hunter G / DE Wilmington 2023
Sevachko, Matther G / LB Wilmington 2023
Duzyk, Landon TE / DE Wilmington 2024
McConahy, Tuff QB / S Wilmington 2024
Mendenhall, Anthony WR / C Wilmington 2024
Mikulin, Tyler HB / LB Wilmington 2024
Miller, Benjamin FB / LB Wilmington 2024
Moore, William G / DE Wilmington 2024
Serafino, Rockey OT / DT Wilmington 2024
Blake Klosky TE Windber  2023
Dylan Tomlinson WB  Windber  2022 
Gino Flori  LB Windber  2022  
Nathan Grohal C Windber  2022  
Jackson Intrieri WR/DB Wissahickon 2021
Kevin Pineda OL/DL Wissahickon 2021
Ryan Culp WR/DB Wissahickon 2021
Tommy Quinn WR/DB Wissahickon 2021
Nate DeVincent K/P Wissahickon 2022
Jason Michaels WR  Wissahickon 
Sadiq Burke RB/LB Wyoming Valley West 2020
Evan Lord OL/DL Wyoming Valley West 2021
Jaden Swainbank OL/DL Wyoming Valley West 2021
Josh Koval FB/LB Wyoming Valley West 2021
Hunter Pries WR/DB/P/K Wyoming Valley West 2022
Nevin Carther  CB/RB wyomissing  2022
 Darren Brunner WR/OLB wyomssing  2021
 Jack Feightner OG/OLB wyomssing  2021
 Jordan Auman HB/S wyomssing  2021
Maher Salha OG/OLB wyomssing  2021
Aiden Mack TE/OLB wyomssing  2022
Rory Filoon TE/ST wyomssing  2022
 Matt Kramer LB/ST wyomssing  2023
Aaron Johnson LB York High 2021
Ja’Juan Orr DT York High 2021
Jerry JeanBaptiste DB York High 2021
Saumir Deshields RT York High 2021
Ajani Cheshire WR/DB York High 2022
JaQuan Jones LB York High 2022
Jir Greer DB/LB York High 2022
Joden Nelson LT York High 2022
Steven Roland Washington DT York High 2022
Jaheim White RB York High 2023
Jayden Watson OL/C York High 2023
Kevin Moya LB York High 2023
Montress Jackson RG York High 2023
Taegen Jones DE York High 2023
Hunter Sommer RB/CB York Tech 2021
Andrey Kolkchuk OL/DL York Tech 2022
Jamar Johnson QB York Tech 2022

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