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2020 Player Profile: Luke Molden, Council Rock North @LukeMolden @CRN_Football @CRNAthletics

Written by: on Thursday, July 30th, 2020


Luke Molden
Council Rock North
Jersey # 77
Ht – 6’4”
Wt – 240LBS
Twitter @LukeMolden

Why do you play football?

I’ve been playing tackle football since 2nd grade (Pop Warner, Middle School, High School) and have always loved it. I love the hitting, brotherhood, difficulty, etc. There is something different about football from other sports that just really fires me up.

Who is your favorite sports star and why?

J. J. Watt – I love his intensity and how he plays the game. He is also just a really good person and humanitarian.

What game, yours, college or pro, was your favorite game and why?

Definitely would have to say when the Eagles won the Superbowl back in 2018.

What is your favorite Pro team, any sport?

Philadelphia Eagles

What sports movie would you watch every day if you had to pick one and why?

Remember the Titans – Really shows the great sense of brotherhood found in football.

What cartoon character do you think your head coach most resembles.

Ha Ha, I would have to save Spongebob Squarepants because he is super dedicated and passionate about his job.

If your mom and dad are screaming at you from the stands, what is it they usually yell?

They are very supportive. Usually something like “Yeah Luke!” after a big pancake or tackle.

Who is your mentor, the person you want to be like?

My Dad

Name a sport you’d love to play but can’t:

Obviously Football is my passion, but its kind of a funny story…My family & friends/teammates play a game called watermelon polo in the pool where we grease up a watermelon with Vaseline then the 2 teams try and get it to the other side of the pool, no rules. It’s really intense & crazy and for some reason I’m really good at it….So, I’d have to say maybe Water Polo.

What is your most embarrassing sports moment?

Geez, I would have to say my 1st game in 7th grade. My heavyweight team had a shared locker room with our lightweight team and someone from the lightweight team accidentally took the wrong equipment bag from our heavyweight team’s area. When the bus got to the game, I had no cleats, helmet, or shoulder pads.

Is there anyone in your family, besides your parents, you could consider your biggest fan? Who, Why?

That’s a tough one. Obviously my parents & grandparents are really supportive, but we do have a great student fan section called “The Chirp Squad” they really go all out.

When you aren’t playing, practicing or training for sports, what is your go to activity and why?

Hmm, outside of practice and working out I would say probably say playing Xbox with the boys, it’s a way for us all to hang out.

What is your favorite football memory to date?

There are a lot, really tough to pick one favorite, nothing beats a good pancake or hard tackle. I guess one would be my Jr Pee Wee Pop Warner team making it to National #3 in the Pop Warner Superbowl back in 2014.

What scares you the most?

Snakes, they freak me out.

Music of choice:

I have a pretty diverse taste in music. I like a lot of different stuff, hard rock, rap, pop, etc.

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