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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

2022 Player Spotlight-Joseph Palko III-Pottsville Area – A FNLSMP Podcast

Written by: on Tuesday, June 28th, 2022


Joseph Palko III

Pottsville Area

Class: 2023

Jersey: 2

Height: 6-3

Weigh: 215

Other Sports: Basketball, track

Twitter link: @joey_palko

College Offers: St. Francis

Pottsville has had four straight winning seasons. What will it take for you guys to make it five-plus to make a deep playoff run?

In order for our team to be successful and win this year, we simply need to play as a team. We have the talent and the best coaches and Athletic trainers in the area. It’s all about buying in.

Where on the field do you like playing the best? Explain:

I enjoy playing defensive end the most. I feel it’s the perfect position for me and what I can bring to the table.

Of the positions that you play, which is the hardest to prepare for?

Defensive end is also the harder position to prepare for as you need to adjust to each team’s different look upfront every week

Who is the one team on the 2022 schedule that you most want to taste victory against? Why?

One team I want to beat Is Jersey Shore as I was a part of the 2020 team that lost in overtime to them my freshman year.

Of your road games, which is the toughest to play? Explain:

Jersey shore is going to be the toughest road game we have as it’s a two-hour drive for the first game of the year.

What are your thoughts on the state finals being moved from Hershey? In your opinion, where should they be played?

Personally, the state championship game location does not matter to me, the only thing that does is getting there.

After the season is over, how badly do you want to be invited to play in one or two of the All-Star games around the state?

It would be a blessing to have the opportunity to play in all-star games but all I want is a successful year with my team!

Why is playing at Pottsville so special?

Playing at Pottsville is very special to me because I’m playing with the boys I grew up with, I have looked up to many great players in this program, and playing in the best stadium in the state.

Have you watched any of the USFL games? What are your thoughts on them?

I did not watch any US FL games

Where is the go-to spot to eat in town?

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