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PFN Presents: The Lehigh Valley Health Network SCFCA All Star Game, LIVE STREAM Wednesday, Nov. 23, 5:50 pm

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| November 22, 2022

Join the broadcast team as they break down the playoffs thus far for a one hour playoffs show at 5:50 pm. Then They will bring you all the live action of the Lehigh Valley Health Network-Schuylkill County Football Coaches Association All-Star Game! Live from Schuylkill Haven’s Rotary Field on Wednesday, November 23 at 6:50 pm! Come on out for some pre Thanksgiving football, or join us live on!

Tickets are $5 and are available at the gate.


# Name School
5 Derek Walasavage Blue Mountain
20 Kreese Stablein Blue Mountain
36 Mason Davis Blue Mountain
22 James Seaman Blue Mountain
50 Ian Donohue Blue Mountain
57 Adam Morrow Blue Mountain
13 Brock Polinsky Minersville
23 James Dube Minersville
22 Ray Snyder Minersville
3 Connor Beck Minersville
43 Aaron Laudeman Minersville
62 Ron Beach Minersville
79 Josh Rizzardi Minersville
24 Blake Whalen Nativity
6 Dimitri Modica Nativity
56 Kyle Kenton Nativity
7 Adam Cooper Pine Grove Area
14 Mason Kroh Pine Grove Area
21 Nick Wolff Pine Grove Area
20 Chaz Wolfe Pine Grove Area
53 Carter Raudabaugh Pine Grove Area
4 Tejay Allen Pottsville
5 Amaree Bainbridge Pottsville
2 Joey Palko Pottsville
71 Jacob Begansky Pottsville
69 Zach Ott Pottsville
61 Mason Major Pottsville
80 Reese Felty Schuylkill Haven
6 Tayshaun Smith Schuylkill Haven
58 Ryan Sisko Schuylkill Haven
3 Jake Tietsworth Tri Valley
22 Kole Miller Tri-Valley
9 Reece Huntzinger Tri-Valley
26 Kam Wetzel Tri-Valley
1 Jolton Flory Tri-Valley
27 Jaydon Kroh Tri-Valley
32 Jacob Scheib Tri-Valley
51 Justis Troutman Tri-Valley
2 Logan Willard Williams Valley
11 Issac Whiteash Williams Valley
3 Brady Evans Williams Valley
54 Ezi Hite Williams Valley
52 Cruz Banda Williams Valley
57 Aiden Miller Williams Valley
30 Gage Miller Williams Valley
75 Bryant Hoover Williams Valley
Coaches School
HC: Pat Mason Nativity
Mike Downie Nativity
Josh Muldowny Nativity
Jason Albon Nativity
Jeff Polinsky Nativity
Joe Opolsky Nativity
Tyler Jenkins Nativity
Greg Koperna Nativity
Josh Dolbin Nativity
Jonas Kreitzer Nativity


# Name School
9 Brett Balliet Jim Thorpe
43 William Newton Jim Thorpe
3 Dawson Meckes Jim Thorpe
26 David Fiorito Jim Thorpe
88 Bryson Heydt Jim Thorpe
50 Dominic Berger Jim Thorpe
59 Paul Rutledge Jim Thorpe
57 Tiernan McCartney Jim Thorpe
15 AJ Light Lehighton
5 Luke Blauch Lehighton
14 Ian Rarick Lehighton
4 Ethan Buchert Lehighton
55 Doug Endy Lehighton
18 Ben Manley Mahanoy Area
25 Andrew Pollack Mahanoy Area
56 Louie Frye Mahanoy Area
67 Joe Lagaza Mahanoy Area
55 Noah Hayes Mahanoy Area
75 Dylan Andrusichen Mahanoy Area
72 Dave Sanchez Mahanoy Area
44 Matt Martin Marian
38 Joey Walko Marian
8 Andrew Baran Marian
54 Rawlin Melendez Marian
21 Jared Tinari North Schuylkill
15 Jack Dean North Schuylkill
52 Chris Long North Schuylkill
50 Steven Davis North Schuylkill
79 Robbie Weitz North Schuylkill
68 Brady Salukas North Schuylkill
64 Riley Hoben Panther Valley
8 David “Trey” McAndrew Panther Valley
21 Logan Haines Panther Valley
10 Michael Pascoe Panther Valley
6 Austin Hadley Panther Valley
25 Hunter Teter Shenandoah Valley
5 Erick Hernandez Shenandoah Valley
4 Zach Slater Shenandoah Valley
3 Aaryn Nickerson Shenandoah Valley
12 John Klein Tamaqua
51 Vincent Schlosser Tamaqua
21 Isaac Curvey Tamaqua
52 Ryan Snyder Tamaqua
50 Josh Shelton Tamaqua
Coaches School
HC: Sam Bonner Tamaqua
Mike Bonner Tamaqua
Jarrett Reigel Tamaqua
Tyler Skripko Tamaqua
Tom McCabe Tamaqua
Buane Barron Tamaqua
Pete Conforti Tamaqua
Devin Murphy Tamaqua

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