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Rosters Announced for Inaugural Schuylkill vs Colonial League All Star Game ! @Colonial_League @SchLeague

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| April 2, 2022

Official Rosters Announced for the Inaugural Schuylkill vs Colonial League All Star Game…

Players on teams from around both Leagues will compete in the first ever Schuylkill vs Colonial League All Star game being played at Rotary Field in Schuylkill Haven, Pa on May 21st, 2022 at 2:00pm. The All Star game will be played and administered according to the 2021 National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS) rules and interpretations. The only exceptions are noted within the document. For more detail on the exception(s), feel free to email. After the two leagues finished the 2021 cooperative schedule season with much success, discussions began in the winter of 2021 to schedule an All Star game between the two leagues compiled of 39 players on each team. Players were nominated and selected by their head coaches.

Schuylkill and Colonial League Team Rosters:

# Player Name Schuylkill  # Player Name Colonial
1 Travis Benson Jim Thorpe 1 Elijah Soler Catasauqua
2 Derryl Fisher Jim Thorpe 3 Damian Simpson Wilson Area
2 Jonas McGrath Tri-Valley 4 Jake Schierer Catasauqua
3 Brennan Stanton Pine Grove 5 Drew Sabo Northwestern Lehigh
4 Jason Cullen Minersville 7 Zach Ruddy Pen Argyl
4 Carl Brown North Schuylkill 10 James Denicola Palmerton
4 Kevin Fitzpatrick Schuylkill Haven 11 Ty Csencsits Saucon Valley
5 Cody Miller Nativity 12 Dante Mahaffey Saucon Valley
6 Julius Walborn Nativity 14 Nick Petrillo Palisades
7 Aaron Crumrine Pine Grove 15 James Durham Southern Lehigh
9 Jazce Carabello-Snowell Pottsville 16 Zakai Hendricks Wilson Area
10 Joe Vevasis Shenandoah Valley 17 Harrison Dailey Palmerton
19 Matt Stauffer Jim Thorpe 18 Cole Dorshimer Pen Argyl
23 Jack Miller Nativity 20 Taylor Wikert Northwestern Lehigh
24 Amari Dunn Pottsville 21 Damian Garcia Saucon Valley
24 Levi Murray Tri-Valley 25 Kyle McGrath Palisades
25 Jared Graeff Minersville 29 Ethan O’Neill Notre Dame Green Pond
27 Jason Fermaintt Pottsville 30 Lucas Heydt Palmerton
31 Travontai Davis Pottsville 35 Blaze Curry Southern Lehigh
33 Camron Tinajero Jim Thorpe 50 Nate Carr Palisades
45 Gavin Guers Blue Mountain 52 Anthony Silfani Notre Dame Green Pond
52 Brendan Zimmerman Lehighton 53 Ben Dunstan Northwestern Lehigh
54 Jacob Wasserleben Tamaqua 54 Ben Krauss Salisbury
55 Cameron Carlin Tri-Valley 54 Josh Hoffert Notre Dame Green Pond
56 Josh Jenan Schuylkill Haven 55 Alex Schafer Southern Lehigh
61 Jake Bobbin Blue Mountain 56 Cody Swinney Saucon Valley
63 David Wiley Jim Thorpe 58 Liam Riexinger Palisades
63 Liam Reiley Nativity 61 Anthony Cardona Wilson Area
67 Carey Wahalec North Schuylkill 64 Gabe Toth Catasauqua
75 Ross Bobbin Blue Mountain 78 Ryan Gretz Southern Lehigh
75 Jackson Yoder Williams Valley 80 Michael Cordes Saucon Valley
76 Gauge Hartney Lehighton 85 Nick Garrido Notre Dame Green Pond
76 Hunter Guzick Pottsville 87 Dominic Dengler Palmerton
83 Adam Scott North Schuylkill
83 Raeff Dicello Pottsville
88 Max George Pottsville
89 Bryan Bowen Jim Thorpe

When I asked a few questions to some players about what it means to them to be selected to play in this game, I got some great responses. Below are just a few….

Blue Mountain’s Jake Bobbin, who is committed to further his education and football career at Robert Morris University along side his brother Ross, who is also scheduled to participate in this inaugural all star game, said that “It’s an honor to be selected to play in this first ever all star game, It means a lot if we can come up with a win to end our high school football career. Jake also stated that “It’s blast to have my brother on my side, we are looking forward to play our last high school football game together.” When I asked Jake if he would like to score an offensive touchdown in this game like he did in the SCFCA All Star game in the fall, he responded by saying, “It would be nice again to score, not every game an offensive lineman scores, the feeling would be great.”

Another Blue Mountain Senior got the call as well to play, Gavin Guers, who is committed to further his athletic career and education at SUNY Cortland. “I’m pumped to be part of the first ever Schuylkill Colonial all star game, it’s a big honor. I know some guys from the Colonial League, so to be able to take it to them would be great”, said Gavin ! Guers, who is also selected to play in the PSFCA Big 33 East vs West Big School All Star game Memorial Day Weekend, says “I hope to represent Schuylkill County and my high school well at the next level and at the East vs. West game!!” That wasn’t all that Gavin would have to say either when asked the questions, he added, “for our Schuylkill League team to bring home the W, would be amazing. Our South team in the SCFCA game had great chemistry, and to add on some dogs from the North, I truly think we can dominate. We play hard nose football in the Schuylkill League and I want people to know that!!”

Southern Lehigh’s Blaze Curry said, “To represent the league that I’ve played in for 4 years really means a lot to me. Curry would go on to say, “having Coach Sams as the head coach of this game is something very special, it is very comforting knowing the man I saw every day for the past 3 years will be coaching the Colonial League team.” Like Gavin from the Schuylkill squad, Curry and his teammates want to win the first ever Schuylkill/Colonial League All Star game. “To play with guys that I’ve played and fought against will be different but, we all have the same goal, to win”, said Curry


Schuylkill and Colonial Coaches:

Blue Mountain’s Head Coach, Tom Gallagher will be assisting the coaching duties, helping out defensively. “I’m excited for this opportunity to coach our area’s best seniors one last time as we face the Colonial League”, Coach Gallagher would reply. Gallagher would also mention how he “hopes we(the coaches), can give these guys the proper send off to end their high school careers and come out with a victory.” ” I’m really thankful to be apart of this staff, and I’d like to thank Mike Farr for bringing me on for this opportunity”, replied Coach Gal.

Next year’s All Star game is scheduled to be held at Palmerton HS, with hopes of continuing for future years to come, at least for Schuylkill League coaches, according to Schuylkill Haven head coach Mike Farr, for now, it “will be a wait and see” type of deal. When I asked Coach Farr if he was excited about the game, he said, “Very excited, anytime we give student athletes the opportunity to perform in front of their families and fans, it’s a big deal.” Coach Farr would also like to ask “football fans from all over eastern PA to come out and support these seniors and this game. And to let everyone know both teams are extremely thankful for our sponsors.”

If you are unable to make it out to the game, you can get LIVE updates on Twitter by following PaFootballNews staff members, as well as, by going to the PaFootballNews website and click on the LIVE STREAM link that will be provided closer to game day

A concession stand will be open provided by the Football Parents Club the day of the game !

Schuylkill League Practice Dates are as follows: *two practices per day*
Sunday May 1st. 12:30-5:30pm
Sunday May 15th. 12:30-5:30pm


All Star Game LOGO designed by: Tara Robinson and Mike Farr



That’s not the only thing going on at Rotary Field that day, at 9:00am, KickIt PRESENTS the Colonial vs Schuylkill Specialist Contest that consists of 3 rounds, Field Goals, Kickoffs, and Punting. This is a great event as kickers from their respected teams get to showcase their kicking skills. Awards will be given out to the top 3 specialists overall.


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