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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

SCFCA will hold its annual North vs South Senior All Star Classic this Wednesday at Rotary Field, Schuylkill Haven ! Scheduled time is 7pm

Written by: on Monday, November 22nd, 2021


SCFCA will hold its annual North vs South Senior All Star Classic this Wednesday at Rotary Field, Schuylkill Haven ! Scheduled time is 7pm

SCFCA-Schuylkill County Football Coaches Association started back in 1988, when the North defeated the South 20 to 7. Since then, a total of 34 games have been played with the North winning 19 of them, the South winning 14, with just 1 tie which came in 2013 when the score was 6 to 6. The North would win the first two contests, it wasn’t until 1990, when the South won in a close game, 19 to 18, and would win the next 2 as well 14 to 7, and 20 to 8. Rosters are made up of senior players across the Schuylkill League for both the North and South squads. The North consists of players from, North Schuylkill, Tamaqua, Mahanoy Area, Marian Catholic, Shenandoah Valley, Jim Thorpe, Lehighton, and Panther Valley, the South consists of players from, Blue Mountain, Minersville, Nativity BVM, Pine Grove, Pottsville, Schuylkill Haven, Tri Valley, and Williams Valley.

Last years game was postponed until earlier this year, played back on May 22nd 2021, due to COVID restrictions, with the North squad winning 24 to 0. With the win, the North has won the last 2 meetings. Extreme temperatures on the field would shorten the game as the clock was kept running. I don’t see heat being an issue in this game since it is being played at the normal time of year, the cold. Can the North 3-peat ? That will remain to be seen as the last time the North won 3 in a row in the classic, was back in 2000 to 2002. The North holds the record for most consecutive wins in the Senior All Star Classic with 4 in a row, from 1995 to 1998. The longest win streak for the South is 3 in a row, from 2016 to 2018 as well as back in 1990 to 1992. The most points ever scored a game, is held by the South, scoring 44, back in 2010 in which they won 44 to 15. The North has the most shutouts in this classic with 5, including the one played earlier this year.

This years rosters from the are as follows:
North Head Coach:
Ed Moran-Shenandoah Valley Blue Devils

North All Stars:
#1-Travis Benson – Jim Thorpe
#2-Derryl Fisher – Jim Thorpe
#5-Drew Wimmer – Jim Thorpe
#19-Matt Stauffer – Jim Thorpe
#30-Kieran Mele – Jim Thorpe
#33-Cameron Tinajero – Jim Thorpe
#88-Bryson Heydt – Jim Thorpe
#89-Bryan Bowen – Jim Thorpe
#11-Hunter Crum – Lehighton
#13-Brayden Lutz – Lehighton
#52-Brendan Zimmerman – Lehighton
#74-Ricky Houser – Lehighton
#6-Caden Burke – Mahanoy Area
#11-Logan Freil – Mahanoy Area
#3-Luis Teron – Marian Catholic
#11-Jake Fenstermaker – Marian Catholic
#15-Matt Rehrig – Marian Catholic(injured)
#60-John Milosh – Marian Catholic
#76-Ethan Smith – Marian Catholic
#4-Carl Brown – North Schuylkill
#5-Jake Hall – North Schuylkill
#10-Gavin Whalen – North Schuylkill
#22- Evan Stankis – North Schuylkill
#29-Josh Chowansky – North Schuylkill
#55-Dalton Zelwalk – North Schuylkill
#67-Carey Wahalec – North Schuylkill
#83-Adam Scott – North Schuylkill
#2-Shyhiem Ervine – Panther Valley
#52-Richard Zabroski – Panther Valley
#2-Brian Dunne – Shenandoah Valley
#8-Owen Kosar – Shenandoah Valley
#10-Joe Vevasis – Shenandoah Valley
#20-Isaiah Stewart – Shenandoah Valley
#53-Daymein Rush – Shenandoah Valley
#2-Steven Kostecky – Tamaqua
#53-Trevor O’Brien – Tamaqua(not playing)
#54-Jacob Wassweleben – Tamaqua
#66-Paker Coleman – Tamaqua
South Head Coach:
Mike Farr(Schuylkill Haven) and Tom Gallagher(Blue Mountain)

South All Stars:
#45-Gavin Guers – Blue Mountain
#61-Jake Bobbin – Blue Mountain
#75-Ross Bobbin – Blue Mountain
#78-Garry Dieter – Blue Mountain
#81-JT Gockel – Blue Mountain
#4-Jason Cullen – Minersville
#11-John Adams – Minersville(not playing)
#25-Jared Graeff – Minersville
#54-Mike Rizzardi – Minersville
#57-Luke Tobin – Minersville
#2-Brayden Feisel – Nativity BVM
#5-Cody Miller – Nativity BVM
#7-Stephan Spolski – Nativity BVM(not playing)
#6-Julius Walborn – Nativity BVM
#23-Jack Miller – Nativity BVM
#63-Liam Reiley – Nativity BVM
#72-Bennett McNamara – Nativity BVM
#3-Brennan Stanton – Pine Grove
#8-Aaron Crumrine – Pine Grove
#11-Dalton Geesey – Pine Grove(not playing)
#55-Colin Ibarra – Pine Grove
#66-Javin Ward – Pine Grove
#8-Raeff DiCello – Pottsville
#9-Jazce Snowell-Carabello – Pottsville
#24-Amari Dunn – Pottsville
#27-Jason Fermaintt – Pottsville
#31-Travontai Davis – Pottsville
#4-Kevin Fitzpatrick – Schuylkill Haven
#51-Chris Donne – Schuylkill Haven
#56-Josh Jenan – Schuylkill Haven
#75-Josh Magdeburg – Schuylkill Haven
#76-Casey Chamberlain – Schuylkill Haven
#2-Jonas McGrath – Tri-Valley
15-Mason Boltz – Tri-Valley
#24-Levi Murray – Tri-Valley
#55-Cameron Carlin – Tri-Valley
#65-Josh Reho – Tri-Valley
#88-Devin Wertz – Tri-Valley


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