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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

Cougars Spoil Cavilers Playoff Hopes with 34-21 Upset

Written by: on Sunday, November 1st, 2020



     The Valley View Cougars upset the Scranton Prep Cavilers in front of an enthusiastic crowd Saturday  afternoon at Scranton Memorial Stadium The previous unbeaten Cavilers playoff hopes were extinguished by a well-balanced Cougar attack from the opening kickoff. The Valley View defense bared a nostalgic resemblance  of the Cougars in the past. The first drive saw the Cavilers go nowhere and punt from the 46. After the punt the Cougars were only able to get one first down before  giving the ball up to the Cavilers, who  took the punt and returned it to the 22-yard line. On the very next play RB London Montgomery took the hand off from QB Paddy Grady and ran 78 yards for the first score of the game. The extra point was good and the Cavilers took a 7-0 lead with 7:48 left in the first quarter.


     Undaunted by the Prep early score, (WR)  Colin Skeen returned the ensuing kickoff to the Prep 36-yard line and then 4 plays later the Cougars saw  paid dirt  when Senior T.J Noto ran 4 yards for the score. The extra point was good. The score was tied 7-7 with 5:50 remaining. After a series of downs exchanges,  the quarter ended in a deadlock


      On the opening play of the second quarter Prep received a punt a returned to midfield. The Cavilers drive was interrupted with an Interception from Colin Skeen who returned it to the Prep 40-yard line. The Cougars put on a display of balance and power which resulted in another T.J Noto touchdown,  giving the Cougars a 14-7 lead with 7:19 left in the second half. The Cavilers would fail to launch any significant threat in the second Quarter and were forced to return the ball to the Cougars, who now had the momentum,  and Noto made another score late in the quarter with 1:51 left.  There would be one more interception by DB Sean Mackinder  to end the first-half and the Cougars retired confidently into the locker room with a 21-7 lead.


     With momentum still in their mist, the Cougars took the opening kickoff of the second half and  (WR) Coiln Skeen got the  upset minded Cougars great field position. Perfect timing and execution got them to the Cavaliers 20-yard line. Then (RB) Rylei Kilmer exploded into the end zone stretching Valley View’s lead. The extra point failed and the Cougars took a comfortable lead 27-7 with  8:05 remaining in the third quarter. 


     Prep refusing to be humiliated bounced right back when (RB) London Montgomery took the kickoff and retuned to 32 yard-line  of the Cavilers.  (QB) Paddy Grady initiated an air attack that put (RB) London Montgomery in position to make a 6-yard run over the goal line, narrowing the lead. The extra point was good and with 6:13 left in the third quarter the Cavaliers trailed 27-14. There was still plenty of time left and the hope for a win and a play off birth for Prep seem in their grasp. But the Cougars defense would not yield and the quarter ended  with no further scores and a two touchdown game going into the final quarter.


    In the fourth quarter (RB) T.J Noto took the wind out of Prep sails with a 29 yard pick 6. The extra point was good and the Cougars took a commanding 34-14 lead with 11 minutes left in the fourth Quarter. The tenacious  Cavaliers would not give up and muster up another score with a 1:33 on the clock when (QB) Grady hit (WR) Rossi with a 29 yard touchdown pass. The extra point was good and the score of 34-21 Valley View. The Cougars ate the clock up after the kick off, extinguishing  the gallant Cavilers hope to move on to the district playoffs. 


    I spoke to Head coach George Howanitz and asked him  how he felt coming in as big underdogs and knocking off an undefeated Cavalier team : “I am so happy for are seniors. We worked so hard during the week. Coming off the lost of last week, they could have packed it in, but they didn’t.  They did a great job. Our underclassmen did a great job. I think we played a complete game. Something we didn’t do last week.”


      He we also quick to give senior running back T.J Noto  praise: “He is tough. He is a three-year starter. He has been through the good years-the pass couple of years with these great teams. He brought toughness and fortitude to get the job done.”


    The Cavilers (4-1) and the Cougars (3-2) officially end their seasons. But ‘’Scoop Diesel’s Rumor Room” has it there might  be games for both of these fine teams before of November.





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