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2021 PFN Player Profile: Peyton Shore – Camp Hill @peytonshore_13 @camphillfb

Written by: on Wednesday, July 21st, 2021


Peyton Shore 

Camp Hill High School 

Class of 2022 


Ht: 5’10 Wt: 160 

Other sports: Baseball 

Twitter: @peytonshore_13

Why do you play football? 

I play football because there aren’t many better feelings than stepping onto that field on Friday nights with your teammates and coming together for a common goal.

What has been your best memory from football so far? 

My best football memory was winning the District Three Championship last year in 2020.

Who is your favorite pro athlete and why?

My favorite pro athlete is Ben Roethlisberger because I’ve always been a big Steelers fan and he has been their franchise quarterback since I started watching.

Who is your biggest fan and why? 

My biggest fan is definitely my mother. Win or lose, she’s always on my side and constantly cheering me on.

Is there any specific person you look up to and use as a role model?  

I look up to my father. I use him as a role model when it comes to school, athletics, and life in general.

What is your desired major in college?  

My desired major in college is in the field of Engineering, specifically Civil Engineering.

Coming off a year with COVID struggles, what do you think this year will be like?

Following a year full of COVID setbacks, I’m looking forward to a summer where we can all work even harder to become stronger as a team without having to worry about as many protocols to follow.

Favorite play to run?

My favorite play to run is all verticals.

What is your personal goal for this season?

My personal goal this year is to step up as a leader and take underclassmen under my wing.

Favorite pre-game meal?

My favorite pre-game meal is spaghetti.

Sports movie?

Remember the Titans.

Sport you’d love to play but can’t?

A sport I’d love to play but never could get into at a young age is wrestling.

Most embarrassing sports moment?

My most embarrassing sports moment was shooting at the wrong hoop in a Middle school basketball game.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I’m most looking forward to our Homecoming game for the big loud crowd that we love to have at Siebert Park.

Favorite activities?

My favorite outside-of-football activities are lifting weights and fishing with friends.

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