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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard
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After trailing the whole first half the Line Mountain Eagles beat the Newport Buffalo 44-21 @MegLaud @linemtsd

Written by: on Sunday, October 25th, 2020


After trailing the whole first half the Line Mountain Eagles beat the Newport Buffalo 44-21

Meghan Laudenslager  photos Heather Fees

The first few possessions gave LM a lot of 1st downs but that’s  where they stayed for the first 5 minutes of the game.  Senior Jacob Feese with the keeper gave the Eagles their first score of the night.  Brayden Boyers kick added a point giving Line Mountain a 7-0 lead.

Newport followed with a touchdown and a good kick tying the score 7-7  for the 1st quarter.

The Eagles started the 2nd quarter with some good runs but were stopped short of the 1st down. This gave Boyer his chance to show everyone how good of a kicker he is.  Boyers long field goal was good giving the Eagles a 10-7 lead.   Newport with 2 more touchdowns and good kicks gave Newport a 21-10 lead.  That score didn’t sit well with LM and a pass to Aidan Herb gave the Eagles one more touchdown before the half.  21-17 was the score going into halftime but it would be the last time the Line Mountain trailed for the night.

Line Mountain came out tough in the 2nd half scoring 3 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter.  Feese’s 2 keepers and Feese’s handoff to Beau Keim gave Line Mountain a 37-21 lead.  Laudenslagers quarterback sack pumped everyone up followed by a LM interception from Cameron Smeltz.  Feese’s handoff to Laudenslager and the good blocks from the line gave Laudenslager some holes and he ran for a 84 yard touchdown. Boyers good kick gave the Eagles a 44-21 lead. Newport tried to get on the board one last time with a field goal attempt but the kick was blocked by Laudenslager.

We didn’t have any team score in the 4th quarter but the Eagles did have a good sack by Senior Dominick Bridi.

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