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East Penn Losses a squeaker

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| October 1, 2022

John H Frederick Field was the showcase of a great football game Friday Night. To go along with that is the atmosphere everyone enjoys during a high school game, the smell of french-fries, hamburgers, hotdogs, and hot chocolate. If you have never been to a high school football game, you need to take one in. This defensive driven game was a pleasure to see both teams grinding it out in the trenches. When the clock hit all zeros, it was 2-3 Mechanicsburg upsetting 4-1 East Pennsboro 10 – 7. Meaning Mechanicsburg improved to 3-3 while East Pennsboro 4- 2.

Breckin Swopes caught a 65-yard halfback pass, to Aaron Angelo for the first score of the game, at 6:09 of the 1st quarter, PAT good, East Pennsboro 7 Mechanicsburg 0. After a great march down the field for Mechanicsburg, the drive stalled and Niko Ledebohm sent a 36-yard field goal, with 3:34 still left in the 1st quarter, East Pennsboro 7 Mechanicsburg 3. Second half was a real defensive battle with both teams drives stop by TODs. Mechanicsburg put on a clinic of a drive eventually driving the ball to East Pennsboro’s 2-yardline which was followed by a 2-yard plunge by Sage Thomas off of the right tackle for a TD, at 6:33 of the 3rd quarter. Mechanicsburg 10 East Pennsboro 7 and that is how the game ended.

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