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Fleetwood QB Tanner Maddocks commits to Villanova @TannerMaddocks @FWTigers

Written by: on Thursday, June 24th, 2021



Fleetwood quarterback Tanner Maddocks didn’t wait long.  Just one day after receiving an offer to play for the Villanova Wildcats, Maddocks pulled the trigger and committed to the Wildcats, becoming the first player from Fleetwood to receive a division 1 scholarship.  Tanner said he committed right away  because “I can reach all of my football goals from Villanova and academically, I’m set for a life after football. I won’t be spending time eliminating schools and weighing out offers which allows me to be with my teammates and get ready for this season. From head coach to assistant coaches are all men I want to be around and molded by for my collegiate career. Coach Boden, the OC, is going to be able to take my game to the next level and teach me in ways other coaches can’t. ”

Maddocks announced his decision last night via Twitter:

Why did he choose to commit to the Wildcats? “The atmosphere of the program. The rivalries and the energy of the staff. The locker room. Just the football experience as a whole. I feel that Villanova is where God wants me. I love the coaching staff there and the offense they run. It allows me to play the way I do and doesn’t force me to change my game. It’s close to home and allows Family, Friends, Teammates, and coaches to come watch me. Maddocks said Coach Pennypacker was his area coach for recruiting, but Coach Ferrante and Boden were also big contributors to recruiting him.

As for his parents role, “My parents let me make my decision. They gave me their opinions but ultimately they left the decision to me.” He said his parents were his biggest influence throughout his football career. “My parents. They sacrificed so much for me to get me where I’m at. Can’t thank them enough for what they have done and how it influenced my work ethic.”

We asked him what the Wildcats are going to get from him. “They are getting a player that Hates to loose more than he likes to win. I’m very competitive and will always give you 110% and always strives to be better. His recruiting process was “Frustrating but simple. A lot of schools showed interest but passed on me. Villanova gave me a chance and made the commitment easy. I’m looking forward to Playing under Coach Boden and Ferrante, along with playing teams that passed up on me. To the fans, I’m staying home. Go NOVA!

Tale of the Tape:

Tanner Maddocks
Fleetwood Area High School
Class of 2022
Ht: 6’1 Wt: 180


Why do you play football? 
I play football because God gave me the ability to play football. I play because I love the environment and the friendships it creates.
What has been your best memory from football so far? 
Holding Bible study before every game and Tiger hotel where the whole team stays at the school for a week to practice and hang out.
Who is your favorite pro athlete and why?
Patrick Mahomes because of the way he plays and how he treats his teammates.
Who is your biggest fan and why? 
My parents are my biggest supports and sacrifice and inconvenience themselves for me.
Is there any specific person you look up to and use as a role model?  
My dad, because of the way he carries himself and teaches me to be a leader in a world full of followers.
What is your desired major in college?  
Coming off a year with COVID struggles, what do you think this year will be like?
It’s going to show who sat on their couches during quarantine and who worked their tails off.
Favorite play to run?
Roll out pass plays.
What is your personal goal for this season?
Help my team win games.
Favorite pre-game meal?
Peanut butter and jelly with a banana.
Sports movie?
The Blind Side.
Sport you’d love to play but can’t?
Most embarrassing sports moment?
Losing games.
What are you looking forward to most this year?
Fans in the stands.
Favorite activities?
Basketball and running my athletic clothing brand with NFL players.

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