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PFN Player Profile-Luke August, Carlisle

Written by: on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020


Luke August-Carlisle

Luke August
Tight end, running back and line backer
Carlisle High School
5’10, 188
Class of 2023

Twitter @LukeAugust1

#1 How long have you been playing football?

4 years

#2 What other sports do you play?

Basketball and Lacrosse

#3 What has football taught you?

Team work and relying on other people

#4 What are your team and personal goals?

Team goal: to have a winning record

Personal goal: Being reliable and a team leader

#5 What is your favorite football moment?

Winning the Super Bowl in Midgets two years ago securing our undefeated season

#6 Do you prefer playing offense or defense? Why?

Defense, making a big play on defense is a rush.

#7 What do you hate most about practice?

Team offense and conditioning

#8 What do you like to do when not playing sports?

Work out and play video games

#9 What is your favorite sport?


#10 What is your favorite class?


#11 Who is your sports hero? Why?

I don’t have one

#12 What would you like to be when you get out of school?

A Chiropractor

#13 If you could have dinner with three other people, living or dead, who would they be?

My Grandfather who passed away 6 years ago, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Hart

#14 What is your favorite song?

FN by Lil TJay

#15 What’s your favorite play to run?

21 Waggle

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